University Libraries shatter records in #MoveInMiami 2017









By Vince Frieden, strategic communications coordinator, University Libraries

#MoveInMiami 2017 was another record-breaking fundraising day for the Miami University Libraries.

Across all funding areas—including the Textbook Initiative, Technology Support Fund, University Libraries Dean's Fund and Libraries general fund—the University Libraries receive more than 100 gifts, totaling more than $15,000. The dollars raised marked a more than 130 percent increase over 2016's record total.

The Libraries two priority funds—the Textbook Initiative and Technology Support Fund—began the day with goals of 25 donors each and an overall University Libraries' objective of 50 donors, in honor of King Library's 50th year. Both project goals were achieved early in the day, raised and met again, unlocking more than $6,500 in generous matching gifts.

“Our Libraries Textbook Initiative and Technology Support Funds enable the University Libraries to provide resources that are vital to the academic success of many of our students,” Dean and University Librarian Jerome Conley said. “Our loyal alumni and friends have clearly recognized the value of those programs, as well as the essential role the Libraries play in the larger university experience. We are humbled by that support and excited by what the generosity realized through #MoveInMiami will allow us to do for our Miami students.”

Overall, the #MoveInMiami day-of-giving campaign enjoyed another highly successful year, engaging more than 4,300 donors from across the globe.