The Alabama folk lyric : a study in origins and media of dissemination / collected and edited with an introd. by Ray B. Browne

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Subjects: Folk songs, English--Alabama
Formats: Print
Material Type: Printed music -- Monograph
Language: English
Audience: Unspecified
Published: Bowling Green, Ohio : Bowling Green University Popular Press, 1979
LC Classification: M
Physical Description: iii, 480 p. ; 24 cm
Additional Authors: Browne, Ray B. (Ray Broadus), 1922-2009
Notes: LCCN: 78061076
ISBN: 0879721294
Unacc. melodies
Includes bibliographical references and index
Contents: After The Ball -- All Alone -- All Alone By the Seaside -- Anna Lee -- Arkansas Traveler -- As I Went Down to Mas' Cornfiel' -- As I Went Up in My Cornfield -- Aunt Jemima -- Aunt Jemima's Plaster -- The Bachelor's Prayer -- Barney McCoy -- Beautiful Mabel Clare -- The Beaver Cap -- Ben Bolt -- Bill Bailey -- Bill Morgan -- The Blackest Crow -- The Blackest Crow That Ever Did Fly -- Blue Belle -- Booker T. Washington -- Boys in This Country Trying to Advance -- Boys, Keep Away From The Girls -- The Boys Won't Do To Trust -- Bred in Old Kentucky -- Brian O'Lynn -- The Bridge -- Broken Engagement -- Broken Vows -- The Burglar Man -- Buy Me a Rocking Chair -- By and By --Charming Black Mustache -- Charming Little Girl -- The Chickadee Song -- Chicken In The Bread Trough -- Chicken Pecking on a Tambourine -- Chinning Music -- Climbing Up the White House Stairs -- Come, Bridge, Come -- Common Bill -- Coochie Coo -- The Cottage By The Sea -- The Cottage Girl -- The Curtain of Night -- Dan Kelly -- Dark Blue Eyes and Raven Hair -- Darling Cloe -- Devilish Mary -- Dewdrops Are Falling On Me -- Don't Like Your Family -- Don't Stay After Ten -- Dara Della Jenkins -- Down On The Farm -- Down On The Farm, A Parody -- Dumma Locy Locy -- The Dutchman Song -- Early In The Spring When I Was Young -- Erin's Green Shore -- Farewell -- Fare You Well, Sister Phoebe -- A Farmer's Life For Me -- Father, Father, Go Build Me a Boat -- The Fisherman's Girl -- Flirting -- George Buck -- The Girl I Loved in Sunny Tennessee -- Give Me Your Heart -- Go Bring Me Back the One I Love -- Going Up Hippocreek -- Good-bye Susan Jane -- Had A Fine Sash -- Have You Seen My Katy Pass -- The High Society Girl -- The Hills of Tennessee -- Home, Sweet Home, parody of -- Home, Sweet Home To Me -- Hop Along, Sister Mary -- Hop Light, Ladies -- How Sad -- I Cannot Be Your Sweetheart -- I Don't Know Why I Feel So Shy -- I Had But Fifty Cents -- I Have A Sweetheart -- I Once Had A Sweetheart -- I Rather Think I Will -- I Took My Gal to the Ball -- I'll Be All Smiles Tonight -- I'll Do Anything, Dear -- I'll Remember You, Love, In My Prayers -- I'll Wear the Violets, Sweetheart -- I'm Bound to Be An Old Maid -- I'm Sighting to Catch a Nice Beau -- I'm Sitting By The Stile, Mary -- I'm Wearing My Heart Away For You -- In a Cottage By the Sea -- In Sunny Tennessee -- In the Evening By the Moonlight, see -- In The Shadow Of the Pines -- It Was On An Old Stump -- It's The Fashion -- James and A -- The Jawbone Song -- Jaybird Died With the Whooping Cough -- Jaybird Sitting on a Hickory Limb -- Jaybirds Gave A Concert Free -- Jennie Jenkins -- Johnny, Oh Johnny -- Johnson Had an Old Gray Mule -- Just Tell Them That You Saw Me -- Katy Did -- Kicking Mule -- Kissing -- Kitty Clyde -- Lazy Mary -- Lazy Mary, Will You Get Up -- Lily -- Little Automobile Song -- Little black Mustache -- Little Boy Blue -- Little Julie -- Little Old Log Cabin Tennessee -- The Little Old Log Cabin in the Lane -- Little Old Mill -- Little White Rose -- Little Yellow Bird -- Lonesome -- Lonesome Seems The Winter -- Love Me Now -- Loved You in the Days of Joy -- Loving Henry -- Lula Walls -- Lula Walts -- Mabel Clare -- Mabel Dear -- Maggie Jones -- Maid Of Athens -- Man Without A Women -- Mandelin -- Marionene -- Massa's In the Cold, Cold Ground -- Medley -- The Merry Girl -- Midnight Serenade -- Mollie Darling -- Mother-in-Law -- My Charming Beau -- My Last Gold Dollar Is Gone -- My Little Home In Tennessee -- My Mother-In-Law -- My Pretty Quadroon -- My Sweetheart's Gone to the Fair -- My Trip Through Arkansas -- My Wife's Gone Off and Left Me -- Necktie Up Behind -- Oh, Where Is My Sweetheart -- The Ohio -- Old Carolina State -- Old Cow Died of Whooping Cough -- The Old Gray Horse -- Old Gray Mule -- Old Jawbones -- The Old Maid's Song -- The Old Miller -- Old Miss Ruckett -- Old Miss Wilson -- The Old Oaken Bucket -- Old Rosin -- Old Rosin the Beau -- Old Straw Bonnet -- Old Tom Wilson -- Old Zachariah -- Old Zachariah Fell in the Fire -- On a Certain Night Next Winter -- On The Tombigbee River So Bright -- Once I Was Single, Boo Hoo Hoo Hoo -- One Evening While Stolling Down River -- Only A Rosebud -- Over The Garden Wall -- Oyster Stew -- Partridge on a Pear Tree -- Paul Vane -- Poor Old Maids -- Pore Old Maids -- Pretty Fanny -- Pretty Molly -- Pretty Saro -- Putting On the Style -- Riding In A Sleigh -- Rolling River -- Rosa Nell -- Rufus -- The Sailor Boy -- Saint Jonah -- Sam Johnson Had a Mule -- Sam Simon -- Send for The Ladies -- Send For the Ladies, Come to the ball -- Serenade Song -- Shadow Of The Pine -- She Don't Wear No -- She Don't Wear No - Yes She Do -- She Was Bred in old Kentucky -- She's My Cootsie Coo -- Shoemaker's Song -- Simon Slick -- A Single Life -- Sir Piggy -- Sitting Alone -- Somebody -- Somebody Loves Me -- Sorghum Molasses -- Spinsters Gay -- Started Out Courting -- A Strang Fellow -- Such A Happy Girl Am I -- Sunny Tennessee -- Sweet Adeline -- Sweet Birds -- Sweet Lily -- Sweet Marie -- Sweet Mother Dear -- Sweetheart Down In Tennessee -- Swinging In The Lane -- Swinging, Swinging -- Take My Knitting and Go to the Shade -- Tell Me, Pretty Little Miss -- Telling Of Sweethearts We Had -- That's The Fashion -- Thou Hast Learned to Love Another -- Time To Rise -- Tommy and Jack -- Trouble On Your Mind -- The Twelve Days of Christmas -- Twenty Long Years Since I Married -- Twenty Years Ago -- Two Little Girls in Blue -- Two Sweethearts -- Venus, My Shining Star -- Wait Til' the Clouds roll By -- Want To Go A-Courting -- The Waterfall -- Wayward Girl -- We Are a Set of Spinsters Gay -- We May Never Meet Again -- Welcome as the Flowers in May -- What Does the Redbird Say to the Crow? -- When Father Was a Little Boy -- When I Left the State of Georgia -- When I Was a Baby Boy -- When I Was a Little Boy -- When The Curtains of Night -- When the Stars Above are Shining -- Where Is My Darling Tonight? -- Where Shall I Go? -- Why Can't We Wed? -- Why Don't You Try? -- Widow in the Cottage by the Sea -- Willie, Oh, Willie -- Woe Unto Me When the Time Draws Near -- Yonder Come a Rabbit -- You Are False But I Forgive You -- You Drove A Buick -- You Say You Love Me -- You Went And Courted Nancy -- You're as Welcome as the Flowers in May -- Zula
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ISBN/ISSN: 0879721294