Marine climate, weather, and fisheries : the effects of weather and climatic changes on fisheries and ocean resources / Taivo Laevastu

Author(s): Laevastu, Taivo
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Subjects: Fisheries--Climatic factors
Marine meteorology
Fishes--Behavior--Climatic factors
Climatic changes
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Published: New York : Halsted Press, c1993
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Table of Contents: Preface
1. Modes of Influence of Climate and Weather on Fisheries and Their Resources 1
1.1. Effects of weather elements on fish and fishing 2
1.2. The nature of long-term changes in fisheries 3
1.3. Man-made and natural fluctuations of stocks 8
1.4. Search for the causes of fluctuations 10
1.5. Changes of elements of climate 11
2. Marine Climate and Weather and their Effects on Oceanic Conditions 16
2.1. Marine weather and climate and the cyclonic systems 16
2.2. Weather forecasting, forecast availability, and accuracy 25
2.3. Sea and swell 31
2.4. Surface currents and their variability 35
2.5. Ocean thermal structure and sea ice and their spatial and temporal changes 40
2.6. Chemistry and biology 50
2.7. Coastal weather and the ocean 53
3. Marine Climates, Hydroclimes and Their Relationships to Marine Resources 59
3.1. Seasonal changes and anomalies in relation to climatic changes 72
3.2. Changes of surface pressure, wind systems and storm tracks 80
3.3. Ocean surface currents, their changes and effects on fish distribution, migrations and recruitment 81
3.4. Temperature as an indicator of changes in the sea and a factor in fish ecosystem changes 85
3.5. Sea ice, cold winters and fishery resources 92
3.6. Fluctuation of stocks caused by biological processes within ecosystems 93
4. Effects of Weather on Fish Availability and Fishing Operations 97
4.1. Wind, waves and mixed layer depth in relation to depth behaviour of fish 99
4.2. Changes in diurnal behaviour of fish in relation to weather 101
4.3. Storms and coastal fisheries, and effects of sound on fish behaviour 102
4.4. Fish behaviour in currents, and the effects of currents on long-lining, nets and trawling 104
4.5. Sea surface temperature distribution as an indicator of the effects of weather on fish 110
4.6. Weather and fishing (summary) 111
5. Climates and Fishing in the Past and Comparison with Other Factors 113
5.1. Separation of the effects of fishing from the effects of climatic changes on stocks 113
5.2. Past fluctuations of neritic stocks and possible effects of climate 125
5.3. Effects of climatic change on demersal stocks 140
5.4. Marine mammals and birds and fisheries 144
6. Pollution and Fisheries 147
6.1. Pollution in coastal waters and in semi-closed seas and its effects oil fisheries 147
6.2. Eutrophication and fish production 149
6.3. Effects of oil development and oil pollution on fish, shellfish and fisheries 152
7. Major Historical Changes in Fisheries and Expected Future Trends 157
7.1. Global and large-scale changes 157
7.2. Regional and coastal changes in fisheries 167
7.3. Summary review of the past and future aspects of climate and fisheries 187
8. References 191
Index 203
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