Cassette culture : popular music and technology in north India / Peter Manuel

Author(s): Manuel, Peter, 1952-
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Subjects: Popular music--India--History and criticism
Sound recording industry--India
Mass media and music
Music--Social aspects
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Language: English
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Published: Chicago : University of Chicago Press, 1993
Series: Chicago studies in ethnomusicology
Chicago studies in ethnomusicology
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Physical Description: xix, 302 p. : ill. ; 24 cm
Table of Contents: Preface
Motivations and Predispositions
Scope and Orientation
1. Introduction: Theoretical Perspectives 1
Cassettes and the New Media Technologies 2
Cassette Technology and the "Democratic-Participant" Media 3
Theoretical Approaches: Ethnomusicology and Media Theory 4
Control of the Media 13
Media Content 15
Reception Theory: Effects and Audience Interpretations of Media Content 17
Base and Superstructure in an Integrated Cultural Materialism 18
2. The Impact of Cassettes on the International Recording Industry 21
Contrasting Patterns of Development 24
The International Impact of Cassette Technology 28
Cassette Piracy 30
The Emergence of Legitimate Cassette Industries 31
3. The Music Industry and Film Culture up to 1975 37
The Growth of the Indian Record Industry 37
Radio 39
Film Music and Film Culture 40
Film Music: Context and Content 47
The Impact of Film Music on Folk Music 55
4. The Advent of Cassettes: New Alternatives to His Master's Voice 60
Cassettes Come to India 60
Cassette Producers 65
Financial and Technological Aspects of the Cassette Industry 71
Promotion and Publicity 76
Music-Industry Organizations 77
Piracy 78
Compact Discs 88
5. Cassettes and the Modern Ghazal 89
The Traditional Ghazal 89
The Rise and Fall of the Film Ghazal 91
The Modern Ghazal 94
"Pop" Goes the Ghazal 96
6. Devotional Music 105
Music and Bhakti in Hindu Culture 106
Devotional Music and the Mass Media 108
Ghazal, Cassettes, and the Emergence of the Pop Bhajan 109
The Mainstream Pop Bhajan: Aesthetics, Ethos, and Commercialism 112
"Great" and "Little Traditions" in Commercial Devotional Music 116
Production and Marketing of Devotional Music 121
Muslim Devotional Music 123
Cassettes and Live Performance 127
7. The Politics of Parody: Tune-Borrowing in Popular and Folk Music 131
Parody in Hindustani Music 132
Parody in Folk Music 133
Parody in Film Music 144
"Versions": Recycling the Classics 145
Copyright 148
8. Regional Musics 153
Social Identity and Regional Syncretic Musics 153
Cassettes and Diversification: Region, Language, and Genre 155
Cassettes and Class Expression 158
Gender 159
The Impact of Commodification 161
Song Texts in Regional Cassette-Based Music 169
Cassettes and Lewd Regional Songs 172
Cassettes and Live Performance 176
Regional Cassette Musics 177
9. Rasiya: A Case Study in Commercialization 196
Braj Culture and Rasiya 197
Song Texts in Secular Folk Rasiya 199
Gender Representation in Rasiya 203
Rasiya and Socioeconomic Modernization 207
Rasiya and Mass Culture 208
Film Parodies and Hathrasi Rasiya 210
The Advent of Cassettes 212
Cassettes and the "Little Tradition" of Rasiya Bhakti 213
Secular Rasiya Cassettes 213
Song Texts in Commercial Rasiya 215
Disparaging Perspectives 217
M. H. Zaidi, Rasiya Producer 221
Singer-Poet Sevaram "Tanatan" Sharma 224
10. Cassettes and Sociopolitical Movements 236
Jagori: Cassettes and Women's Liberation 239
Regional Movements in Eastern Bihar 242
Cassettes and the 1989 Elections 243
Regional and Sectarian Movements 248
Cassettes and the Contemporary Hindu-Muslim Conflict 250
11. Conclusions: A Micro-Medium in Macro-Perspective 257
Notes 265
Glossary of Indian-Language Terms 283
Bibliography 289
Some Recent Parodies in Film Music 297
Index 299
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