The social construction of race and ethnicity in the United States / [edited by] Joan Ferrante, Prince Brown, Jr

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Subjects: Race--Classification
Ethnicity--United States--Classification
United States--Race relations
United States--Ethnic relations
United States--Race relations--Government policy
United States--Ethnic relations--Government policy
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Published: New York : Longman, c1998
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Physical Description: xiii, 540 p. : ill. ; 24 cm
Table of Contents: Preface
Introduction 1
Pt. I. The Personal Experience of Classification Schemes 19
Adventures of an Indian Princess / Patricia Riley 34
Expelled in 1877, Indian Tribe Is Now Wanted as a Resource / Timothy Egan 39
Black Man with a Nose Job / Lawrence Otis Graham 44
Culture Wars in Asian America / Garrett Hongo 51
A Being Blackanese / Mitzi Uehara-Carter 56
A Rescue Without Cheers / Peter Kramer 59
The Burden of Race / Arthur Ashe 62
What Will My Mother Say / Dympna Ugwu-Oju 67
Choosing Up Sides / Judy Scales-Trent 74
Identity Matters: The Immigrant Children / Marilyn Halter 77
How It Was for Me / Sarah Van't Hul 88
Mojado Like Me / Joseph Tovares 93
Then Came the War / Yuri Kochiyama 99
Pt. 2. Classifying People by Race 109
"Indian" and "Black" as Radically Different Types of Categories / Jack D. Forbes 120
Historical Origins of the Prohibition of Multiracial Legal Identity in the States and the Nation / Paul Knepper 123
Biology and the Social Construction of the "Race" Concept / Prince Brown, Jr. 131
Comparing Official Definitions of Race in Japan and the United States / David M. Potter, Paul Knepper 139
Federal Statistical Directive No. 15 157
The Mean Streets of Social Race / Ian F. Haney Lopez 161
What Should the Specific Data Collection and Presentation Categories Be? 177
Pt. 3. Ethnic Classification 187
Questions Related to Ethnicity 202
A View from the South: Lands of Immigrants / Peter Winn 207
Directive No. 15 and Self-Identification / Luis Angel Toro 211
The Mingling of Alaska Natives with "Foreigners": A Brief Historical Overview / Julie E. Sprott 216
Ethnicity as Explanation, Ethnicity as Excuse / Paul A. Goble 223
Ancestry 231
Choosing an Ancestry / Mary C. Waters 235
Reflections on American Ethnicity / David Steven Cohen 239
Resource Competition Theories / Joane Nagel 249
Pt. 4. The Persistence, Functions, and Consequences of Social Classification 269
On Being Like a Mule / Judy Scales-Trent 287
Article XIX, Chinese: Constitution of the State of California 291
Persons of Mean and Vile Condition / Howard Zinn 293
Science and Jewish Immigration / Stephen Jay Gould 301
Remarks on the First Two Volumes of Sex and Race / J. A. Rogers 309
Why "Race" Makes No Scientific Sense: The Case of Africans and Native Americans / Prince Brown, Jr. 320
Science, Pseudo-science and Racism / Albert Jacquard 326
The Declaration of Athens 333
White Reconstruction in the University / Charles A. Gallagher 337
Taking Back the Center / Trina Grillo, Stephanie M. Wildman 355
Plessy v. Ferguson 358
Plessy / Cheryl I. Harris 371
Pt. 5. Toward a New Paradigm: Transcending Categories 377
The Anthropology of Race: A Study of Ways of Looking at Race / Vivian J. Rohrl 389
The Intermarriage of the Races / W. E. B. Du Bois 402
Letter from Thomas Jefferson: Virginia's Definition of a Mulatto 405
Ethnic Diversity: Its Historical and Constitutional Roots / Cruz Reynoso 407
One Drop of Blood / Lawrence Wright 422
Perceptions and Misperceptions of Skin Color / Stephen H. Caldwell, Rebecca Popenoe 427
Identifying Ethnicity in Medical Papers / Edward J. Huth 435
Selected Discrimination Cases Handled by the U.S. Department of Justice in 1996 440
Brain's Use of Shortcuts Can Be a Route to Bias / K. C. Cole 455
Talking Past One Another / Richard T. Schaefer 462
Let's Spread the "Fun" Around: The Issue of Sports Team Names and Mascots / Ward Churchill 465
Another Japanese Version: An American Actor in Japanese Hands / James F. Hopgood 470
Toward a New Vision: Race, Class, and Gender as Categories of Analysis and Connection / Patricia Hill Collins 478
White-Blindness / Bruce N. Simon 496
App. A. Race - The U.S. Bureau of the Census (1996) 503
App. B. Federal and Program Uses of the Data Derived from Race and Ethnicity Questions - The U.S. Bureau of the Census (1990) 509
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Brown, Prince
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