Traditional storytelling today : an international sourcebook / edited by Margaret Read MacDonald ; contributing editors, John H. McDowell, Linda Dégh, Barre Toelken

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Subjects: Folklore
Folk literature--Themes, motives
Oral tradition
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Published: Chicago : Fitzroy Dearborn Publishers, 1999
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Sub-Saharan Africa
Hunters' Narratives / Stephen Belcher 3
Central African Epics / Stephen Belcher 6
To Make Our World a Gentler, More Compassionate World / Raouf Mama 9
The Fulani Epics / Christiane Seydou 13
The Ga Folktale: Context, Themes, and Techniques / Abu Shardow Abarry 18
The Igbo Folk Epic / Chukwuma Azuonye 25
Igbo Stories and Storytelling / Chukwuma Azuonye 33
The Meaning of the "Meaningless" Refrain in Igbo Folk Songs and Storytelling Events / Chukwuma Azuonye 41
The Dogon Creation Story / Chukwumu Azuonye 48
The Storytelling Event Among the Igede of Nigeria / Ode Ogede 54
Ju/'hoan Folktales and Storytelling: Context and Variability / Megan Biesele 59
Storytelling: A Thread of Life Within the Kamba Community / Vincent Muli Wa Kituku 65
Narrative Performance in a Changing World: The Case of the "Storytellers" in Kenya / Ezekiel B. Alembi 68
The Meditation of Time, the Wisdom of the Teller, the Void of the World / Sory Camara 71
The Chantefable Tradition of Suzbou / Mark Bender 85
Antiphonal Epics of the Miao (Hmong) of Guizhou, China / Mark Bender 88
Rajasthani Hero Legends / Lindsey Harlan 91
Two Contemporary Performances of Savitri in Pune, India / Lee-Ellen Marvin 94
Saneguruji Storytelling Academy: Transformation of Domestic Storytelling in India / Lee-Ellen Marvin 98
Storytelling in Middle-Class Indian Families / Lee-Ellen Marvin 102
A System of Narrative Performances in Middle India / Joyce Burkhalter Flueckiger 106
Indonesian Storytellers and Storytelling / James Danandjaja 110
Religious Tales and Storytelling in Japan / Richard W. Anderson 114
Still Telling in Japan: Traditional Folktellers / Cathy Spagnoli 119
P'ansori, the Ancient Korean Art of Storytelling / Chan E. Park 122
Enduring Scars: Cautionary Tales Among the Senoi Semai, a Peaceable People of West Malaysia / Robert Knox Dentan 130
Professional Storytelling in West Sumatra / Nigel Phillips 134
The Tradition of Storytelling in Malaysia / Mohammed Taib Osman 138
Thet Siang Performance in Isaan / Wajuppa Tossa 142
Storytelling: A Means to Maintain a Disappearing Language and Culture in Northeast Thailand / Wajuppa Tossa 144
Australia and the Pacific
Nallawilli-Sit Down (and Listen): The Dreamtime Stories - An Oral Tradition / Pauline E. Campbell-McLeod 155
Ka Ola Hou 'Ana o ka 'Olelo Hawai'i ka Ha'i 'Ana o ka Mo'olelo i Keia Au Hou: The Revival of the Hawaiian Language in Contemporary Storytelling / Ku'ualoha Meyer-Ho'omanawanui 160
A Gossamer of Wisdom / Hinekahukura Barrett-Aranui 171
Tale Telling on a Polynesian Atoll / Michael Lieber 176
The Albanian World in the Folk Teller's Stories / Ramadan Sokoli 181
Basque Storytelling and the Living Oral Tradition / Linda White 185
Present-Day Storytelling in Northeastern Bulgaria / Yordanka Kotseva 190
Storytelling in Croatia / Ljiljana Marks 203
Traditional Legends in Contemporary Estonian Folklore / Ulo Valk 207
Factors Influencing the Formulation of Narration / Annikki Kaivola-Bregenhoj 212
New Storytellers in France / Veronika Gorog-Karady 227
Storytelling in Spanish Galicia / Kristin Bervig Valentine, Eugene Valentine 230
Traditional Storytelling Today in the East of Northern Germany / Siegfried Neumann 234
Marchen 2000: Taking Care of the Fairy Tale in Germany / Sabine Wienker-Piepho 239
Greek-Albanian (Arvanitika) Interactive Storytelling and the Legitimation of Critical Discourse / Lukas D. Tsitsipis 247
Aspects of Narrative Tradition in a Greek Gypsy Community / Diane Tong 252
Folklore Repertoires: Male, Female / Ilona Nagy 257
Traditional Storytelling in Ireland in the Twentieth Century / Patricia Lysaght 264
A Storyteller's Growing Consciousness / Inta Gale Carpenter 273
Once Upon a Time in Vale Judeu / Isabel Cardigos 281
Women's Stories Among Indigenous Peoples of the Russian Far East / Kira Van Deusen 285
Storytelling Traditions in Scotland / Barbara McDermitt 289
"Our Stories Are Not Just for Entertainment: Lives and Stories Among the Travelling People of Scotland / Donald Braid 301
Storytelling in the Rhythm of People's Everyday Life: An Investigation into Contemporary Slovakia / Gabriela Kilianova 310
Problems in Translation and Storytelling Using Switzerland as Example / Barbara Gobrecht 316
Middle East and North Africa
Egyptian Peep-Show Storytelling / Kamal el dien Hussien 325
Narrating Epics in Iran / Mahmoud Omidsalar, Teresa Omidsalar 326
Stories About a Moroccan Storyteller / Deborah A. Kapchan 341
Storytelling in Palestine / Ibrahim Muhawi 344
Matrilineal Myths, Herbal Healing, and Gender in Tuareg Culture / Susan Rasmussen 348
Tunisian Storytelling Today / Sabra Webber 356
Native America
Storytelling and Teaching: A Cree Example / Kay Stone 365
What's in an Ending? Indian Storytelling of the Inland Northwest / Rodney Frey 369
Analysis of a Hupa Storytelling Event / Ruth Seiman Bennett 371
Traditional Storytelling at San Juan Pueblo / Sue-Ellen Jacobs, Esther Martinez (P'oe Tsawa) 381
Lushootseed Language and Story Revival / Vi (taq[superscript w ] seblu) Hilbert 383
North America
Where Have All the Marchen Gone?: Or Don't They Tell Those Little Stories in the Ozarks Any More? / W. K. McNeil 387
Jack Tales / Carl Lindahl 394
Cowboy Poetry and Other Occupational Folk Poetry / Jens Lund 398
Del Ringer and His Tales of Salmon River, Idaho / Marjorie Bennett 403
Fifty Functions of Storytelling / Margaret Read MacDonald 408
"If We Don't Joke with Each Other, We Won't Have No Fun, Will We?" Storytelling in the Richard Family of Rangeley, Maine / Margaret Yocom 416
Stories of Emergency Medical Responders / Timothy R. Tangherlini 428
Storytelling Style and Community Codes Among the Swiss Volhynian Mennonites / John McCabe-Juhnke 434
Storytellers and the Art of Storytelling in the Mexican Culture / Rosario S. Morales 442
Traditional Storytelling Among French Newfoundlanders / Gerald Thomas 448
Logger Poetry / Jens Lund 453
South America
Argentinian Folktale: A Genetic Approach / Maria Palleiro 459
The Art of Bahamian Narration / Daniel J. Crowley 465
"Fattening" in Belizean Creole Storytelling / Ervin Beck 467
Holding on to the Past: Maya Storytelling in Belize / David Pendergast 471
Function and Performance of the Chilean Folktale Today / Manuel Dannemann 475
Lira Popular in Chile: Between Traditional Poetry and Popular Urban Versifying / Marcela Orellana 478
Discourse and Storytelling in Otavalo Song: Resonance and Dissonance in San Juanitos / Linda D'Amico 486
Guaranitic Storytelling / Martha Blache 490
We Are the Real People: Tzotzil-Tzeltal Maya Storytelling on the Stage / Robert Laughlin 494
Fragments From the Past: The Politics of Storytelling in Morelos, Mexico / JoAnn Martin 498
Storytelling and Mental Representation Among Totonac Indians (Mexico) / Annamaria Lammel 502
Exemplary Ancestors and Pernicious Spirits: Sibundoy Concepts of Cultural Evolution / John H. McDowell 513
Saramaka Maroon Folktales in Comparative Afro-American Perspective / Richard Price, Sally Price 522
The Art of Storytelling: Field Observations in Venezuela / Daniel Mato 528
Children's Telling of Ghost Stories / Sylvia Grider 539
Organizational Storytelling / Richard Raspa 544
The Role of Traditional Stories in Language Teaching and Learning / Martha S. Bean 548
The Storytelling Revival / Joseph Sobol 552
Preadolescent Girls' Storytelling / Elizabeth Tucker 559
An Analysis of Five Interviews with Storylisteners to Determine How They Perceive the Listening Experience / Brian Sturm 563
Urban Legends / Jan Harold Brunvand 572
Cross-Culture, Cross-Class, Crossed Wires: A Case Analysis of an Etic/Emic Storytelling Event / Wendy Welch 577
The Nature of Women's Storytelling / Linda Degh 580
Notes on Contributors and Editors 587
Index 605
Additional Authors: McDowell, John Holmes, 1946-
Dégh, Linda
Toelken, Barre
MacDonald, Margaret Read, 1940-
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