Back to shared prosperity : the growing inequality of wealth and income in America / Ray Marshall, editor

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Subjects: United States--Economic conditions--1981-2001
United States--Social conditions--1981-
Income distribution--United States
United States--Economic policy--1993-
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Published: Armonk, N.Y. : M.E. Sharpe, c2000
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Preface: Restoring Broadly Shared Prosperity
Overview: Back to Shared Prosperity: The Growing Inequality of Wealth and Income in America / Ray Marshall 3
Pt. I. Introduction: Opportunity in America 55
1. Recent Trends in the Distribution of Household Wealth / Edward N. Wolff 57
2. The Effects of Economic Growth and Inequality on Opportunity / Daniel P. McMurrer, Isabel V. Sawhill 64
3. Economic Outcomes and Mental Health / Mary Merva, Richard Fowles 69
4. One More Chance: Cities in the Twenty-first Century Economy / Elliott Sclar 76
5. Jobless Ghettos: The Social Implications of the Disappearance of Work in Segregated Neighborhoods / William J. Wilson 85
6. The Labor Market for Young African-American Men: Recent Trends, Causes, and Implications / Harry J. Holzer 95
7. Including Latinos in Broadly Shared Prosperity / Jorge Chapa 103
8. Crime and Prosperity: Neighborhood Explanations for Change in Crime Rates / William Spelman 110
9. Closing the Gap: Women's Economic Progress and Future Prospects / Heidi Hartmann 119
Pt. II. Forces for Change: Technology, Globalization, and Demographics 131
10. The Workplace Implications of Global Technological Advance / Robert M. White, Richard H. White 133
11. The Networked Economy / Daniel F. Burton, Jr. 141
12. Globalization of Financial Markets / Jane W. D'Arista 149
13. Why the Baby-Bust Cohorts Haven't Boomed Yet: A Re-Examination of Cohort Effects on Wage Inequality in the United States / Diane J. Macunovich 157
14. Social and Political Impacts of Recent Trends in U.S. Immigration / Michael S. Teitelbaum 171
Pt. III. Policies to Restore Shared Prosperity 181
15. What Can Macro-Policy Do? / Robert M. Solow 183
16. Budgets and Taxes / Robert Eisner 186
17. Social Security: A New Deal Program for the Twenty-first Century / Dean Baker 197
18. Pension Policies to Maintain Workers' Access to Retirement / Teresa Ghilarducci 204
19. Public Investment for a Twenty-first Century Economy / Jeff Faux 211
20. Trade and Inequality / Thea Lee 219
21. Schooling, Learning, and Economic Growth / Mark R. Rosenzweig 229
22. How the United States Can Develop a World-Class Education System / Marc Tucker 238
23. Transition from School to Work: Black, Hispanic, and White Men in the 1980s / Avner Ahituv, Marta Tienda, V. Joseph Hotz 250
24. Wages and the Service Sector / Les 261
25. A Thirty-Five-Year Perspective on Workforce Development Programs / Garth Mangum 265
26. Public Labor Market Policies for the Twenty-first Century / Christopher T. King, Robert E. McPherson, Donald W. Long 275
27. Public Service Employment: A Look Back and a Look Ahead / Eli Ginzberg 287
28. Public Service Employment: Lessons from U.S. Experience in the 1970s / Richard P. Nathan 293
29. Employer Training: The High Road, the Low Road, and the Muddy Middle Path / Anthony P. Carnevale, Donna M. Desrochers 300
30. Health Care for Low-Income People / Karen Davis 311
31. Reconstructing the Social Contract in Employment Relations / Thomas A. Kochan 323
32. Employee Involvement and Representation: Economic and Policy Implications / Paula Voos 332
33. Financial Market Barriers to High-Performance Work Organizations / Eileen Appelbaum, Peter Berg 343
34. Restoring Broadly Shared Prosperity: A Business Perspective / Thomas J. Usher 352
35. Justice at the Gates of the City: A Model for Shared Prosperity / Ernesto Cortes, Jr. 361
36. Access to Capital and Inner-City Revitalization: Urban Policy After Proposition 209 / Gary A. Dymski 374
37. The U.S. Rural Economy in Historical and Global Context / William Galston 387
38. Prosperity and Inequality Among America's Cities and Regions / Norman J. Glickman 395
List of Contributors 407
Index 411
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