Anthropogenic platinum-group element emissions : their impact on man and environment / Fathi Zereini, Friedrich Alt (eds.)

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Subjects: Platinum group--Environmental aspects
Platinum group--Toxicology
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Material Type: Books
Language: English, German (translated from)
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Published: Berlin ; New York : Springer, c2000
LC Classification: T, TD
Physical Description: xx, 308 p. : ill. ; 25 cm
Table of Contents: 1. Sources of PGE emissions
1.1. The automobile catalyst as an important source of PGE in the environment / M. A. Palacios, M. Moldovan, M. M. Gomez 3
1.2. Sources and sinks of anthropogenic platinum fluxes / E. Helmers, K. Kummerer 15
1.3. Traffic-borne platinum pollution in municipal sewage treatment plants / D. Laschka, M. Nachtwey 25
1.4. Engine test bench experiments to determine platinum emissions from three-way catalytic converters / S. Artelt, K. Levsen, H.-P. Konig 33
2. Occurrence, geochemical behaviour and fate in the environment
2.1. Environmental PGE contamination in Southwest Germany / J.-D. Eckhardt, J. Schafer, H. Puchelt 47
2.2. Changes in platinum concentrations in soils and dusts from UK cities / E. J. Hutchinson, M. E. Farago, P. R. Simpson 57
2.3. Biomonitoring of platinum immissions from motor vehicles / C. Dietl, D. Laschka, M. Waber 65
2.4. Anthropogenic emission of platinum-group elements (Pt, Pd and Rh) into the environment: concentration, distribution and geochemical behaviour in soils / F. Zereini, B. Skerstupp, K. Rankenburg 73
2.5. Routes for bioaccumulation and transformation of platinum in the urban environment / S. Rauch, G. M. Morrison 85
2.6. Platinum bioaccumulation in plants and overview of the situation for palladium and rhodium / S. Lustig, P. Schramel 95
2.7. Determinants of the phytotoxicity of platinum / H.-J. Ballach, F. Alt, J. Messerschmidt 105
2.8. A contribution to the enology and ecology of noble metals / H. R. Eschnauer 115
3. Analytical methods for PGE in the environment
3.1. Preconcentration/separation methods for the determination of trace platinum in environmental samples by ICP-MS / K. Akatsuka, J. W. McLaren 123
3.2. PGE emissions of automobile catalysts - identifying their track in the environment. A challenge to analytical strategy and assessment / E. Helmers 133
3.3. Voltammetric determination of ultratrace platinum and rhodium in biological and environmental samples / K. Hoppstock, F. Alt 145
3.4. PACEPAC: A road dust as a certified reference material for the quality assurance in the analysis of Pt, Pd and Rh in environmental samples / S. Lustig, P. Schramel, Ph. Quevauviller 153
3.5. Platinum speciation using on-line hyphenation of capillary electrophoresis to ICP-MS / B. Michalke, P. Schramel 161
3.6. Determination of palladium in environmental samples / M. Schuster, M. Schwarzer, G. Risse 173
3.7. Speciation of platinum in plant material. A combination of chromatography, elemental mass spectrometry and electrochemistry / G. Weber, N. Jakubowski, D. Stuewer 183
3.8. Plasma source mass spectrometric techniques and highly efficient sample introduction systems as tools for the ultratrace determination of PGE / H. Wildner 191
3.9. Reliability of and measurement uncertainty for the determination of Au, Pd, Pt and Rh by ICP-MS in environmentally relevant samples / M. Zischka, W. Wegscheider 201
4. Bioavailability and biomonitoring of PGE
4.1. Bioavailability of finely dispersed platinum as emitted from automotive catalytic converter: A model study / S. Artelt, K. Levsen 217
4.2. Internal platinum and palladium exposure of the general population with emphasis on the exposure from automobile exhaust and dental restorative alloys / J. Begerow, L. Dunemann 227
4.3. Urinary biomonitoring of platinum in occupational medicine / R. Schierl 237
5. Health risk potential of PGE
5.1. Toxicology of platinum, palladium, rhodium, and their compounds / T. Gebel 245
5.2. Occupational platinum salt allergy. Diagnosis, prognosis, prevention and therapy / R. Merget 257
5.3. Evaluation of the health risk of platinum emissions from automotive emission control catalysts / G. Rosner, R. Merget 267
6. Car exhaust catalysts: pollutant reduction and emission balance
6.1. Pollution reduction in motor car exhaust gases by regulation of the fuel mixture with the lambda-sensor / H. R. Eschnauer 285
6.2. Screening life cycle inventory of PGEs and its influence on the overall emission balance of cars fitted with catalytic converters / C. Hochfeld, W. Jenseit 293
Index 301
Alternate Title(s): Emissionen von Platinmetallen.
Additional Authors: Zereini, Fathi, 1949-
Alt, Friedrich, 1938-
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ISBN: 3540664726 (Hardcover)
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