Stress response : methods and protocols / edited by Stephen M. Keyse

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Heat shock proteins--Laboratory manuals
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Published: Totowa, NJ : Humana Press, c2000
Series: Methods in molecular biology v. 99
Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.) v. 99
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Physical Description: xvi, 488 p. : ill. ; 24 cm
Table of Contents: Preface
Pt. I. Detection and Assay of Stress-Induced Damage
1. Identifying and Counting Protein Modifications Triggered by Nitrosative Stress / Prabodh K. Sehajpal, Harry M. Lander 3
2. Determination of Carbonyl Groups in Oxidized Proteins / Rodney L. Levine, Nancy Wehr, Joy A. Williams 15
3. Quantitation of 4-Hydroxynonenal Protein Adducts / Koji Uchida, Earl R. Stadtman 25
4. Detection of Oxidative Stress in Lymphocytes Using Dichlorodihydrofluorescein Diacetate / Cecile M. Krejsa, Gary L. Schieven 35
5. The Measurement of Protein Degradation in Response to Oxidative Stress / Thomas Reinheckel, Tilman Grune, Kelvin J. A. Davies 49
Pt. II. The Activation of Signal Transduction by Cellular Stress
6. Analysis of the Role of the AMP-Activated Protein Kinase in the Response to Cellular Stress / D. Grahame Hardie, Ian P. Salt, Stephen P. Davies 63
7. Detection and Activation of Stress-Responsive Tyrosine Kinases / Gary L. Schieven 75
8. Detection of DNA-Dependent Protein Kinase in Extracts from Human and Rodent Cells / Yamini Achari, Susan P. Lees-Miller 85
9. Expression and Assay of Recombinant ATM / Yael Ziv, Sharon Banin, Dae-Sik Lim 99
10. Detection and Purification of a Multiprotein Kinase Complex from Mammalian Cells: IKK Signalsome / Frank Mercurio, David B. Young, Anthony M. Manning 109
11. Methods to Assay Stress-Activated Protein Kinases / Ana Cuenda 127
12. Monitoring the Activation of Stress-Activated Protein Kinases Using GAL4 Fusion Transactivators / Chao-Feng Zheng, Li Xu 145
13. Use of Kinase Inhibitors to Dissect Signaling Pathways / Ana Cuenda, Dario R. Alessi 161
14. The Development and Use of Phospho-Specific Antibodies to Study Protein Phosphorylation / Jeremy P. Blaydes, Borek Vojtesek, Graham B. Bloomberg 177
15. Peptide Assay of Protein Kinases and Use of Variant Peptides to Determine Recognition Motifs / D. Grahame Hardie 191
Pt. III. The Analysis of Stress-Induced Gene Expression
16. Assaying NF-[kappa]B and AP-1 DNA-Binding and Transcriptional Activity / Judith M. Mueller, Heike L. Pahl 205
17. Analysis of the Mammalian Heat Shock Response: Inducible Gene Expression and Heat Shock Factor Activity / Anu Mathew, Yanhong Shi, Caroline Jolly 217
18. Approaches to Define the Involvement of Reactive Oxygen Species and Iron in Ultraviolet-A Inducible Gene Expression / Charareh Pourzand, Olivier Reelfs, Rex M. Tyrrell 257
19. The Human Immunodeficiency Virus LTR-Promoter Region as a Reporter of Stress-Induced Gene Expression / Michael W. Bate, Sushma R. Jassal, David W. Brighty 277
20. SAGE: The Serial Analysis of Gene Expression / Jill Powell 297
21. Analysis of Differential Gene Expression Using the SABRE Enrichment Protocol / Daniel J. Lavery, Phillippe Fonjallaz, Fabienne Fleury-Olela 321
22. UVB-Regulated Gene Expression in Human Keratinocytes: Analysis by Differential Display / Harry Frank Abts, Thomas Welss, Kai Breuhahn 347
Pt. IV. Analysis of Stress Protein Function
23. Heme Oxygenase Activity: Current Methods and Applications / Stefan W. Ryter, Egil Kvam, Rex M. Tyrrell 369
24. Analysis of Molecular Chaperone Activities Using In Vitro and In Vivo Approaches / Brian C. Freeman, Annamieke Michels, Jaewhan Song 393
25. Analysis of Chaperone Properties of Small Hsp's / Monika Ehrnsperger, Matthias Gaestel, Johannes Buchner 421
26. Analysis of Small Hsp Phosphorylation / Rainer Benndorf, Katrin Engel, Matthias Gaestel 431
27. Analysis of Multisite Phosphorylation of the p53 Tumor-Suppressor Protein by Tryptic Phosphopeptide Mapping / David W. Meek, Diane M. Milne 447
28. The Development of Physiological Models to Study Stress Protein Responses / Ted R. Hupp 465
Index 485
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