Aircraft conceptual design synthesis / Denis Howe

Author(s): Howe, Denis
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Subjects: Airplanes--Design and construction
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Published: London : Professional Engineering Publishing, 2000
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Table of Contents: Notation
Ch. 1. The design process
The aircraft design process
Cost considerations
Synthesis process
Design Information
Ch. 2. Aircraft configuration
Conventional configuration
Alternative configurations
Special considerations
Ch. 3. Flight regime and powerplant considerations
Powerplant characteristics
Types of powerplant
Typical engine parameters
Flight regimes of powerplants
Powerplant performance representation
Powerplant mass
Typical aircraft installed thrust and power
Ch. 4. Fuselage layout
Primary considerations
Overall layout
Local layout aspects
Crew and payload
Fuselage layout procedure
Ch. 5. Configuration of the wing
Aerofoil section and high lift devices
Planform shape and geometry
Interaction between aerodynamic structural and wing volume considerations
Wing area (wing loading)
Ch. 6. Basic lift, drag and mass representations
Ch. 7. Performance estimation
Definition of aircraft speeds and associated conditions
Take-off and second segment climb
Approach and landing
Generalised flight performance representation
Flight performance - climb and ceilings
Maximum level speed, manoeuvre and transonic acceleration
Cruise - range and performance
Ch. 8. Parametric analysis and optimisation
Procedure for parametric analysis (first stage)
Powerplant representation
Selection of performance equations
Constraints and checks
Case study - short/medium haul airliner
Introduction to the second stage of parametric analysis
Procedure for the second stage parametric analysis and optimisation
Mass calculation
Wing location and control/stabiliser surface areas
Overall layout of the aircraft - reference design
App. A8.1. Explanation of spreadsheet - stage 1
App. A8.2. Explanation of graphical approach spreadsheet - stage 2
App. A8.3. Explanation of optimiser approach spreadsheet
Ch. 9. Analysis of concept design
Landing gear
Fuselage layout
Operating empty mass
Aerodynamic analysis - performance
Aerodynamic analysis - stability and control
Design refinement
App. A9.1 - Bibliography
Addendum 1. Landing gear considerations
Addendum 2. Longitudinal control and stability surfaces
Addendum 3. Lateral control and stability surfaces
Addendum 4. Mass prediction
Addendum 5. Examples of the synthesis procedure
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