Organizational reality : reports from the firing line / [edited by] Peter J. Frost, Vance F. Mitchell, Walter R. Nord

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Subjects: Organizational behavior
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Material Type: Books
Language: English
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Edition: 4th ed., rev
Published: Reading, Mass : Addison-Wesley, c1997
LC Classification: H, HD
Physical Description: xvi, 520 p. : ill. ; 24 cm
Table of Contents: Preface
1. Entrepreneurs 1
Global Start-up / Robert A. Mamis 2
This Woman Has Changed Business Forever / Bo Burlingham 8
Can The Body Shop Shape Up? / Ed Brown 20
Spotting a Golden Niche / Pat Annesley 23
2. Making It 27
The Calf Path / Samuel Foss 29
Kevin Dahill; Director of Activation / Ina Yalof 31
Furniture Factory / Robert Schrank 34
Your Job Reveals Nothing About You / Hugh Prather 39
Take Charge / Doug Tindal 44
Female Entrepreneurs Outdo Men in Job Creation 49
To Get Ahead, Consider a Coach / Claudia H. Deutsch 50
The Man In the Glass 52
3. Leadership 53
What Makes a Good Leader / Gary Wills 55
The Leader as Storyteller / Warren Bennis 68
Imagineer Eisner on Creative Leadership / Christopher Knowlton 74
For Prince Eisner, New Battles to Fight / Jeffrey A. Sonnenfeld 75
Managing in the '90s: The Androgynous Manager / Alice G. Sargent, Ronald J. Stupak 77
The Postheroic Leader / David L. Bradford, Allan R. Cohen 85
4. Ethics 91
The Test / S. I. Kishor 92
The Parable of the Sadhu / Brown H. McCoy 94
The Downsizing of America: On the Battlefields of Business, Millions of Casualties - Part I / Louis Uchitelle, N. R. Kleinfield 100
Top Brass in U.S. Bucks Belt-Tightening Trend with Hefty Pay Hikes 103
Mother-to-be and Daiquiri Lead To Firings 104
Moral Mazes: Bureaucracy and Managerial Work / Robert Jackall 105
Seminars Teach Managers Finer Points of Firing / Andrea Gerlin 122
One Day You're Family; The Next Day You're Fired / Wilfred Popoff 124
In Downsizing, Do Unto Others... / Bob Evans 126
5. Being Different 129
Two Women, Three Men on a Raft - Part I / Robert Schrank 131
Executive Women Confront Midlife Crisis / Betsy Morris 139
Glass Ceiling Closes in at Business Schools 151
When The Boss is Black / Richard Lacayo 152
The Outsiders: Jews and Corporate America / Abraham K. Korman 154
Disabled Aussie Swimmer Sunk for Lack of an Arm 156
Institutional Bigotry / Roger Wilkins 157
Gay Vietnam Hero Buried with Honors 158
Watching the Wheels / John Lennon 159
6. Images 161
Language Masks Human Place in the Nature of Things / David Suzuki 163
The Hidden Influences of Office Design / Suzyn Ornstein 165
Color: A Guide to Human Response / James Gray, Jr. 171
"That's No Lady, That's My Wife" / Janet Elliott 174
Games Mother Never Taught You / Betty Lehan Harragan 177
7. The Compulsion to Perform 191
Satisfied / Richard Marx 193
Stop Whining and Get Back to Work / Sally Solo 194
Can't Do It All / Natasha Josefowitz 197
Jose "Pepe" Mayorca / Ina Yalof 198
The Cormorant... / R. G. Siu 200
Feeling As Clue / Arlie Rusel Hochschild 201
Death by Work / Salem Alaton 206
Bisy Backson / Benjamin Hoff 210
A Case of Inefficiency / Ann Marie Cunningham 218
Cat's in the Cradle / Harry Chapin 219
8. Controlling and Resisting 221
The Art of Saying No: On the Management of Refusals in Organizations / Dafna Izraeli, Todd D. Jick 223
Intimidation Rituals: Reactions to Reform / Rory O'Day 234
Two Women, Three Men on a Raft - Part II / Robert Schrank 244
Organizational Survivors: Images of Women in the Office Folklore of Contemporary Organizations / Linda C. Forbes, Elizabeth Bell 248
Senor Payroll / William E. Barrett 258
The Catbird Seat / James Thurber 261
The Rate-buster: The Case of the Saleswoman / Melville Dalton 268
9. Secrecy 273
Politicians Should Never Forget Cardinal Telephone Rule / Ken MacQuenn 274
At Apple, Proper Business Attire May Someday Include A Muzzle / G. Pascal Zachary 276
CIA Leader Wants Agency Active in Industrial Spying / James McCartney 279
10. Rises and Falls 281
The Downsizing of America: On the Battlefield of Business, Millions of Casualties - Part II / Louis Uchitelle, N. F. Kleinfield 282
Is Your Career on Track? / David Kirkpatrick 286
We're Going to Make You a Star / Sally Quinn 291
Howyadoon? Fuller Brush Calling / Cathryn Donohoe 302
Death of a Salesman / Arthur Miller 307
Dancing with Headhunters: Scenes from the Downsized Life / G. J. Meyer 315
11. Hazards 329
Automation: Pain Replaces the Old Drudgery / Peter T. Kilborn 330
Ailing Ex-Workers Tell of Long Years amid Asbestos Dust / E. S. Evans 335
Crisis in Bhopal / Paul Shrivastava 337
Killer Results Without Killing Yourself / Michael B. Malone 341
Danger in the Comfort Zone / Judith M. Bardwick 347
Blacks Debate the Costs of Affirmative Action / Don Wycliff 349
The Right To Privacy: There's More Loophole Than Law / Michele Galen, Jeffery Rothfeder 351
Why Grade "A" Execs Get an "F" As Parents / Brian O'Reilly 353
Under the Influence: The Unauthorized Story of the Anheuser-Busch Dynasty / Peter Hernon, Terry Ganey 361
12. Personal Alignments, Realignments and Reality Beyond the Organization 367
The Invisible War: Pursuing Self-Interest At Work / Samuel A. Culbert, John J. McDonough 369
I Have Arrived / Natash Joesfowitz 377
Managing Your Career: Your Most Important Meeting of the Week Is with Your Spouse / Timothy D. Schellhardt 378
'First Husbands' Play Second Fiddle / Joann S. Lublin 380
Annmarie Feci / Ina Yalef 382
Successful Derailment: What Fast-Trackers Can Learn While They're Off the Track / Barbara E. Kovach 385
The Day at the Beach / Arthur Gordon 399
Strategies for Personal and Family Renewal / Andre L. Delbecq, Frank Friedlander 403
13. Organizational Realignments 414
Nurturing Those Ideas / Russell Mitchell 415
Ability to Innovate / Brian Dumaine 419
Is America Becoming More of a Class Society? / Aaron Bernstein 421
The Political Nature of Innovation / Peter J. Frost, Carolyn P. Egri 426
Business Shares the Blame for Workers' Low Skills / John Hoerr 436
Workers Want More Money, But They Also Want to Control Their Own Time / Ellen Joan Pollock 438
Work & Family: If You Want a Firm That's Family Friendly, The List Is Very Short / Sue Shellenbarger 440
14. International Organizational Life 443
How to Act Once You Get There / Frederick H. Katayama 445
North American and Asian Executives Have Contrasting Values, Study Finds / Paul M. Sherer 448
Undoing Tradition: As Millions of Chinese Try to Get Rich Quick, Values Get Trampled / Kathy Chen 450
Japan Discovers Woman Power / Sally Solo 454
Reluctant Feminists: The Women's Movement in Corporate Japan Isn't Moving Very Fast / Yumiko Ono 458
The Final Stretch / Robert Fulford 462
Europe's Tough New Managers / Paul Hofheinz 466
German View: 'You Americans Work Too Hard - and for What? / Daniel Benjamin, Tony Horwitz 470
Managing Without Managers / Ricardo Semler 473
Korea Goes for Quality / Louis Kraar 485
15. Environment 491
Why / Tracy Chapman 493
Cattle Prod: Catron County, N.M., Leads a Nasty Revolt Over Eco-Protection / Charles McCoy 494
Head-On Collision: Cut Auto Commuting? Firms and Employees Gag at Clean-Air Plan / Caleb Solomon 499
Trees "Ordained" in Forest Fight / Philip Smucker 504
The Most Unjustly Maligned of All Animals / John Robbins 506
The Child and the Starfish 512
Therapy for a Dying Planet / Terrance O'Conner 513
Epilogue 518
Additional Authors: Frost, Peter J
Mitchell, Vance F
Nord, Walter R
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