Against their will : the history and geography of forced migrations in the USSR / by Pavel Polian

Author(s): Poli͡an, P. M
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Subjects: Migration, Internal--Soviet Union--History
Forced migration--Soviet Union--History
Political persecution--Soviet Union--History
Deportation--Soviet Union--History
World War, 1939-1945--Forced repatriation
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Material Type: Books
Language: English, Russian (translated from)
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Published: Budapest ; New York : Central European University Press, 2004
LC Classification: H, HB
Physical Description: xii, 425 p. : ill., maps ; 24 cm
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Foreword to the English Edition
Introduction 1
Forced Migrations: Prehistory and Classification 17
Pt. I. Forced Migrations Within the USSR 57
Forced Migrations Before the Second World War (1919-1939) 59
Forced Migrations During and After the Second World War (1939-1953) 115
Patterns of Deported Peoples' Settlement, and Rehabilitation Process 181
Pt. II. International Forced Migrations 139
Internment and Deportation of German Civilians From European Count ires to the USSR 241
Employment of Labor of German Civilians From European Countries in the USSR, and Their Repatriation 277
In Lieu of a Conclusion: Geo-Demographic Scale and Repercussions of Forced Migrations in the USSR 305
Afterword: At the crossroads of geography and history / Anatoly Vishnevsky 321
Supplement 1. Repressive forced migrations in the USSR 327
Supplement 2. Chronology of official legislative acts issued by the state and party bodies of the USSR and its successor states, concerning forced migrations or their consequences 335
Supplement 3. Report No. 800 "On planned resettlement from the Kursk Oblast," 20 March 1938 373
Supplement 4. USSR Supreme Soviet declaration "On the recognition as unlawful and criminal of the repressive acts against peoples who were subjected to forced resettlement, and on guaranteeing their rights" 375
Bibliography 377
Glossary of Russian Terms 399
Abbreviations 401
Index of Personal Names 407
Index of Geographical Names 413
Alternate Title(s): Ne po svoeĭ vole.
Alternate Titles: Portion of title: History and geography of forced migrations in the USSR
Notes: LCCN: 2003019544
ISBN: 9639241687 (cloth)
ISBN: 9639241733 (pbk.)
"First published in Russian as Ne po svoyey vole-- istoriya i geografiya prinuditelnykh migratsii v SSSR by OGI Memorial, in 2001."
Translated by Anna Yastrzhembska
Includes bibliographical references (p. [377]-398) and indexes
Contents: Forced migrations: pre-history and classification -- Forced migrations before Hitler and Stalin: historical excursus -- Forced migrations and Second World War -- Classification of forced migrations -- Part I. Forced migrations within the USSR -- Forced migrations before the Second World War (1919-1939) -- First Soviet deportations and resettlements in 1919-1929 -- Dekulakization and kulak exile in 1930-1931 -- Kulak exile and famine repercussions in 1932-1934 -- Frontier zone cleansing and other forced migrations in 1934-1939 -- Forced migrations during and after the Second World War (1939-1953) -- Selective deportations from the annexed territories of Poland, Baltic Republics and Romania in 1939-1941 -- Total preventive deportation of Soviet Germans, Finns and Greeks in 1941-1942 -- Retributive total deportations of the peoples of the North Caucasus and Crimea in 1943-1944 -- Preventive forced deportations from the Transcaucasia, and other deportations during the last stage of the war in 1944-1945 -- Compensatory forced migrations in 1941-1946 -- Ethnic and other deportations after the Second World War, 1949-1953 -- Patterns of deported peoples settlement, and rehabilitation process -- Patterns of deported peoples settlement at the destinations -- Rehabilitation and internal repatriation of Kalmyks and peoples of the North Caucasus -- Rehabilitation of Germans -- Rehabilitation of the Crimean Tatars -- Rehabilitation of Meshketian Turks -- Repressed peoples and ethnic conflicts on the territory of the USSR in the 1990s -- Part II. International forced migrations -- Internment and deportation of German civilians from European countries to the USSR -- The victors labor balance and labor reparations -- Internment of Germans in Southeast Europe -- Internment of Germans on the territory of the Third Reich -- Some outcomes of the operation on internment of Germans -- Employment of labor of German civilians from European countries in the USSR, and their repatriation -- Destination geography and employment of labor of German internees in the USSR -- Beginning of repatriation of internees, and new labor reparations -- Further repatriation process and its completion -- In lieu of a conclusion: geo-demographic scale and repercussions of forced migrations in the USSR -- Afterword at the crossroads of geography and history (by Anatoly Vishnevsky)
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