Health policy : crisis and reform in the U.S. health care delivery system / edited by Charlene Harrington, Carroll L. Estes ; with assistance from Brooke Hollister

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Subjects: Medical policy--United States
Health care reform--United States
Medical care--United States--Finance
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Edition: 5th ed
Published: Sudbury, Mass. : Jones and Bartlett Pub., c2008
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Table of Contents: Ch. 1. Health politics and political action 3
Health policy : what it is and how it works / Lester E. Block 4
Play to win : know the rules / Catherine J. Dodd 15
Primer on policy : the legislative process at the federal level / Sara Hart, Nadine Jackson 27
It's the institutions, stupid! : why comprehensive national health insurance always fails in America / Sven Steinmo, Jan Watts 30
Ch. 2. Health status of the population and vulnerable groups 41
Why not the best? : results from a national scorecard on U.S. health system performance 42
Health disparities based on socioeconomic inequalities : implications for urban health care / Kevin Fiscella, David R. Williams 49
Mortality of white Americans, African Americans, and Canadians : the causes and consequences for health of welfare state institutions and policies / Stephen J. Kunitz, Irena Pesis-Katz 61
The gender gap : new challenges in women's health / Gloria E. Sarto 70
Child poverty in rich countries 76
Ch. 3. Access to care 81
Income, earnings, and poverty : data from the 2005 American community survey 82
Medicaid and the uninsured : who are the uninsured? : a consistent profile across national surveys 88
Access to care and utilization among children : estimating the effects of public and private coverage / Thomas M. Selden, Julie L. Hudson 92
The effects of state parity laws on the use of mental health care / Katherine M. Harris, Christopher Carpenter, Yuhua Bao 95
Ch. 4. Aging and long-term care 99
Older people / Carroll L. Estes, Steven P. Wallace 100
Medicare and chronic care at the beginning of the 21st century : improving but a long way to go / Marty Lynch, Carroll L. Estes, Mauro Hernandez 108
Unmet need for personal assistance services : estimating the shortfall in hours of help and adverse consequences / Mitchell P. LaPlante, Stephen H. Kaye, Taewoon Kang, Charlene Harrington 118
The economic and health security of today's young women / Brooke Hollister, Carroll L. Estes 123
Social security privatization and older women : a feminist political economy perspective / Carroll L. Estes 134
Informalization of long-term caregiving : a gender lens / Carroll L. Estes, Donna M. Zulman 142
Ch. 5. Organizational change 159
Exploding the merger myth in U.S. health care / Martin Kitchener 160
The transition from excess capacity to strained capacity in U.S. hospitals / Gloria J. Bazzoli, Linda R. Brewster, Jessica H. May, Sylvia Kuo 166
Health industry practices that create conflicts of interest : a policy proposal for academic medical centers / Troyen A. Brennan, David J. Rothman, Linda Blank, David Blumenthal, Susan C. Chimonas, Jordan J. Cohen, Janlori Goldman, Jerome P. Kassirer, Harry Kimball, James Naughton, Neil Smelser 171
The U.S. long-term care field : a dialectical analysis of institutional dynamics / Martin Kitchener, Charlene Harrington 177
Primary care, race, and mortality in U.S. states / Leiyu Shi, James Macinko, Barbara Starfield, Robert Politzer, Jiahong Xu 185
Ch. 6. Labor issues 191
From the doctor's workshop to the iron cage? : evolving modes of physician control in U.S. health systems / Martin Kitchener, Carol A. Caronna, Stephen M. Shortell 192
Projections and trends in RN supply : what do they tell us about the nursing shortage? / Lynn Y. Unruh, Myron D. Fottler 198
Costs of occupational injury and illness within the health services sector / Geetha Waehrer, J. Paul Leigh, Ted R. Miller 207
Ch. 7. Quality of care 215
The national healthcare quality and disparities reports : an overview / Ed Kelley, Ernest Moy, Daniel Stryer, Helen Burstin, Carolyn Clancy 216
Quality of care in for-profit and not-for-profit health plans enrolling Medicare beneficiaries / Eric C. Schneider, Alan M. Zaslavsky, Arnold M. Epstein 221
Improving nurse-to-patient staffing ratios as a cost-effective safety intervention / Michael B. Rothberg, Ivo Abraham, Peter K. Lindenauer, David N. Rose 226
State nursing home enforcement systems / Charlene Harrington, Joseph T. Mullan, Helen Carrillo 232
Relationship of nursing home staffing to quality of care / John F. Schnelle, Sandra F. Simmons, Charlene Harrington, Mary Cadogan, Emily Garcia, Barbara M. Bates-Jensen 238
Initial home health outcomes under prospective payment / Robert E. Schlenker, Martha C. Powell, Glenn K. Goodrich 245
Ch. 8. Financing health care 255
Economic analysis in health care / Wendy Max 256
High and rising health care costs-part 1 : seeking an explanation / Thomas Bodenheimer 266
High and rising health care costs-part 2 : the role of health care providers / Thomas Bodenheimer 275
Employer health benefits 281
Squeezed : why rising exposure to health care costs threatens the health and financial well-being of American families / Sara R. Collins, Jennifer L. Kriss, Karen Davis, Michelle M. Doty, Alyssa L. Holmgren 286
Ch. 9. Public financing 289
Medicaid at forty / Diane Rowland 290
How well does Medicaid work in improving access to care? / Sharon K. Long, Teresa Coughlin, Jennifer King 300
Medicare at a glance 305
Are women better off because of the new Medicare drug legislation? / Marilyn Moon 311
Medicare and Medicaid : trends and issues affecting access to care for low-income elders and people with disabilities / Ellen O'Brien 316
Privatization of Medicare : toward disentitlement and betrayal of a social contract / John P. Geyman 321
Ch. 10. Private insurance and managed care 331
National estimates of the effects of mandatory Medicaid managed care programs on health care access and use, 1997-1999 / Bowen Garrett, Stephen Zuckerman 332
Medicare beneficiary out-of-pocket costs : are Medicare advantage plans a better deal? / Brian Biles, Laura Hersch Nicholas, Stuart Guterman 336
The rise and fall of managed care / David Mechanic 345
Competition and health plan performance : evidence from health maintenance organization insurance markets / Dennis Scanlon, Shailender Swaminathan, Michael Chernew, James E. Bost, John Shevock 353
The effects of recent employment changes and premium increases on adults' insurance coverage / Jack Hadley 356
Health savings accounts and high-deductible health plans : why they won't cure what ails U.S. health care / Sara Collins 361
Ch. 11. International health systems 369
The world health situation / Vincente Navarro 370
Health, poverty, and MDG 373
Rising health costs put pressure on public finances, finds OECD 376
Access to care, health status, and health disparities in the United States and Canada : results of a cross-national population-based survey / Karen E. Lasser, David U. Himmelstein, Steffie Woolhandler 379
Privatising the NHS : an overview / Allyson M. Pollock, Colin Leys, David Price, David Rowland, Shamini Gnani 384
Multinational corporations and health care in the United States and Latin America : strategies, actions, and effects / Rebeca Jasso-Aguilar, Howard Waitzkin, Angela Landwehr 393
Compared to other countries, how exceptional are the health and income security arrangements of the United States? / Joseph White 400
Ch. 12. Health reform for the future 405
Myths as barriers to health care reform in the United States / John P. Geyman 407
Why Congress did not enact health care reform / Vincente Navarro 414
Why the United States has no national health insurance : stakeholder mobilization against the welfare state, 1945-1996 / Jill Quadagno 419
Crowd-out and the politics of health reform / Judith Feder 427
Improving medical practice and the economy through universal health insurance / Donald W. Light 433
Additional Authors: Harrington, Charlene
Estes, Carroll L
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