Biotechnology : state of the art and prospects for development / G.E. Zaikov, editor

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Subjects: Biotechnology
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Language: English
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Published: New York : Nova Science Publishers, c2008
LC Classification: T, TP
Physical Description: vii, 217 p. : ill. (some col.) ; 27 cm
Table of Contents: Ch. 1. The Cryoconservation Features of the Target Fish Species' Generative Cells / Tatiana I. Akimochkina 1
Ch. 2. Formation of Efficient Symbiotic Microbial-Plant Systems to Raise Productivity of Legume Cultivars / Z. M. Aleschenkova 5
Ch. 3. Quantitative Estimation of Glucose and Ethanol Contents in Mixture Using Biosensor Approach and Neuronet Technologies / V. A. Arlyapov, O. N. Ponamoreva, L. D. Asuljan, V. A. Alferov, A. N. Reshetilov 11
Ch. 4. Embryogenic Callusogenesis and Plant Regeneration in Anther Culture of Millet (Panicum Miliaceum L.) / S. V. Bobkov 23
Ch. 5. Application of Escherichia Coli Recombinant Lysyl-tRNA Synthetase for the Synthesis of Diadenosine 5',5"'-p[superscript 1], p[superscript 4]-Tetraphosphate / D. V. Burko, S. V. Kvach, A. I. Zinchenko 31
Ch. 6. Technology Background for Maize Gametophyte Transformation via Pistil Filaments / M. I. Chumakov, V. A. Velikov, V. S. Tyrnov, I. V. Volokhina 39
Ch. 7. Milk-Clotting Enzymes of Higher Basidiomycetes / T. Dmitriyeva, A. Korchmaryova, N. Denisova, M. Shamtsyan 49
Ch. 8. The Role of the Receptor-Like Kinases SYM10 and SYM37 in Nod Factor Perception and Signal Transduction During Pea-Rhizobium Symbiosis Development / E. A. Dolgikh, I. V. Leppyanen, V. E. Tsyganov, A. Y. Borisov, R. Geurts, I. A. Tikhonovich 59
Ch. 9. New Peptide Preparation Prolactin for Biopreservation / G. N. Dudikova, T. M. Orljuk, I. P. Mamleyeva, A. V. Chizhaeva 73
Ch. 10. The Influence of Length and Localization of Polyhistidine Tag in the Molecule of Organophosphorus Hydrolase on the Biosynthesis and Behavior of Fusion Protein / E. N. Efremenko, I. V. Lyagin, Yu. A. Votchitseva, D. A. Gudkov, A. A. Peregudov, T. K. Aliev, S. D. Varfolomeyev 87
Ch. 11. Effective Immobilized Biocatalyst for the Treatment of Various Food Wastewaters / E. N. Efremenko, O. V. Senko, D. H. Zubaerova, E. A. Podorozhko, V. I. Lozinsky 103
Ch. 12. Research Guidelines of the International Caspian Cryobank / Mikhail A. Egorov 111
Ch. 13. Stabilization of Cell Membranes by Hybrid Antioxidants in Therapy of Neurodegenerative Diseases / L. D. Fatkullina, O. M. Vekshina, E. B. Burlakova, A. N. Goloshchapov, Yu. A. Kim 115
Ch. 14. Role of Active Forms of Oxygen in Formation of Cotton Immunity to Verticillium Wilt / O. F. Filatova, S. M. Khodjibaeva, A. A. Tishenko, J. J. Tashpulatov 125
Ch. 15. Efficiency of Applying Collection Strains and Natural Sources of Rhizobium Galegae to Ensure Legume-Rhizobial Symbiosis with Galega Orientalis Lam / L. E. Kartyzhova 133
Ch. 16. Stepped Selection of Bacteria-Antagonists for Biocontrol of Verticillium Wilt in Cotton / S. M. Khodjibaeva, G. D. Zolotilina, J. J. Tashpulatov 143
Ch. 17. Fluorescent 3D-Microscope for Objects in a Liquid or in Slices with a Resolution Better than 20 nm / Andrey A. Klimov, Dmitry A. Klimov 151
Ch. 18. A Quantitative Evaluation of Several Antioxidant Biologically Active Additives of "Art of Life" Corporation / Z. G. Kozlova, A. A. Kharitonova, V. F. Tsepalov 157
Ch. 19. New Approaches in Development of Biological Control Products / E. I. Kolomiets, T. V. Romanovskaya, N. V. Sverchkova 165
Ch. 20. Enzymatic Synthesis of Beta-Lactam Antibiotics. Analytical Review / Valentina B. Kurochkina, Anna V. Sklyarenko 175
Index 205
Additional Authors: Zaikov, G. E. (Gennadiĭ Efremovich), 1935-
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