Concise learning and memory : the editor's selection / editor, John H. Byrne

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Subjects: Learning, Psychology of
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Edition: 1st ed
Published: Amsterdam ; Boston : Elsevier/Academic, 2009
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Physical Description: xv, 872 p. : ill. (some col.) ; 27 cm
Table of Contents: 1. A Typology of Memory Terms / Henry L. Roediger, F. M. Zaromb, M. K. Goode
2. Declarative Memory System: Amnesia / Larry Squire, V. Shrager
3. Multiple Memory Systems in the Brain: Cooperation and Competition / Norman M. White
4. Implicit Memory and Priming / W. D. Stevens, G. S. Wig, Daniel L. Schacter
5. Semantic Memory / David A. Balota, J. H. Coane
6. Structural basis of Semantic memory / Alex Martin, W. K. Simmons
7. Episodic Memory: An Evolving Concept / K. K. Szpunar, Kathleen B. McDermott
8. Working Memory / Susan E. Gathercole
9. Prefrontal Cortex and Memory / Charan Ranganath, R. S. Blumenfeld
10. Anatomy of the hippocampus and the Declarative memory system / Rebecca D. Burwell, K. L. Agster
11. Long-Term Potentiation: A Candidate Cellular Mechanism for Information Storage in the CNS / J. David Sweatt
12. LTD - Synaptic Depression and Memory Storage / C. R. W. Hansel, M. F. Bear
13. Activity-Dependent Structural Plasticity of Dendritic Spines / C. Hansel, Lucas Pozzo-Miller
14. Plasticity of intrinsic excitability as a mechanism for memory storage / R. Mozzachiodi, John H. Byrne
15. Neural computation theories of learning / S. B. Moldakarimov, Terry J. Sejnoswki
16. Computational models of hippocampal function / Edmund T. Rolls
17. Neurobiology of procedural learning in animals / Mark G. Packard
18. Sensitization and Habituation Invertebrate / D. Fioravante, E. G. Antzoulatos, John H. Byrne
19. Cellular Mechanisms of Associative Learning in Aplysia / F. D. Lorenzetti, John H. Byrne
20. Procedural learning: classical conditioning / Andrew M. Poulos, K. M. Christian, R. F. Thompson
21. Neural and Molecular Mechanisms of Fear Memory / Glenn E. Schafe, J. E. LeDoux
22. Conditioned Taste Aversion and Taste Learning: molecular mechanisms / Kobi Rosenblum
23. Theory of Reward Systems / S. B. Ostlund, N. E. Winterbauer, Bernard W. Balleine
24. The Molecular Mechanisms of Reward / C. A. Winstanley, Eric J. Nestler
25. Neurophysiology of Motor skill learning / Randolph J. Nudo
26. The Role of Sleep in Memory Consolidation / J. D. Payne, J. M. Ellenbogen, M. P. Walker, Robert Stickgold
27. Memory modulation / James L. McGaugh, B.
28. Memory-Enhancing Drugs / Paul E. Gold
29. Extinction: Behavioral Mechanisms and Their Implications / Mark E. Bouton, A. M. Woods
30. Reconsolidation: Historical Perspective and Theoretical Aspects / Susan J. Sara
31. Retrieval from memory / G. P. Urcelay, Ralph R. Miller
32. False Memories / Elizabeth J. Marsh, A. N. Eslick, L. K. Fazio
33. Molecular Aspects of Memory Disfunction in Alzheimer's Disease / J. Chin, E. D. Roberson, Lennart Mucke
34. Developmental Disorders of Learning / Elena L. Grigorenko
35. Angelman syndrome / J. L. Banko, Edwin J. Weeber
36. Epigenetics - Chromatin Structure and Rett Syndrome / Jonathan M. Levenson, M. A. Wood
37. Neurogenesis / S. Jessberger, J. B. Aimone, Fred H. Gage
Alternate Titles: Portion of title: Learning and memory
Additional Authors: Byrne, John H
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