The cross of redemption : uncollected writings / James Baldwin ; edited and with an introduction by Randall Kenan

Author(s): Baldwin, James, 1924-1987
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Subjects: American essays--African American authors
American essays--20th century
Speeches, addresses, etc., American
Baldwin, James, 1924-1987
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Language: English
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Edition: 1st ed
Published: New York : Pantheon Books, c2010
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Physical Description: xxiii, 304 p. ; 25 cm
Table of Contents: Introduction: Looking for James Baldwin
Essays And Speeches
Mass Culture and the Creative Artist: Some Personal Notes 3
A Word from Writer Directly to Reader 7
From Nationalism, Colonialism, and the United States: One Minute to Twelve A Forum 9
Theater: The Negro In and Out 16
Is A Raisin in the Sun a Lemon in the Dark? 24
As Much Truth as One Can Bear 28
Geraldine Page: Bird of Light 35
From What's the Reason Why?: A Symposium by Best-Selling Authors: James Baldwin on Another Country 39
The Artist's Struggle for Integrity 41
We Can Change the Country 48
Why I Stopped Hating Shakespeare 53
The Uses of the Blues 57
What Price Freedom? 67
The White Problem 72
Black Power 80
The Price May Be Too High 86
The Nigger We Invent 89
Speech from the Soledad Rally 98
A Challenge to Bicentennial Candidates 103
The News from All the Northern Cities Is, to Understate It, Grim; the State of the Union Is Catastrophic 107
Lorraine Hansberry at the Summit 109
On Language, Race, and the Black Writer 114
Of the Sorrow Songs: The Cross of Redemption 118
Black English: A Dishonest Argument 125
This Far and No Further 131
On Being White... and Other Lies 135
Blacks and Jews 139
Tb Crush a Serpent 158
The Fight: Patterson vs. Liston 169
Sidney Poitier 181
Letters from a Journey 189
The International War Crimes Tribunal 199
Anti-Semitism and Black Power 203
An Open Letter to My Sister Angela Y. Davis 206
A Letter to Prisoners 212
The Fire This Time: Letter to the Bishop 215
Forewords And Afterwords
A Quarter-Century of Un-Americana 221
Memoirs of a Bastard Angel: A Fifty-Year Literary and Erotic Odyssey 224
The Negro in New York: An Informal Social History, 1626-1940, edited by Roi Ottley and William J. Weather / Harold Norse 226
Daddy Was a Number Runner / Harold Norse 231
A Lonely Rage / Louise Meriwether 234
Book Reviews / Bob Seale
Best Short Stories / Bob Seale 239
Mother / Maxim Gorky 242
The Amboy Dukes / Maxim Gorky 245
The Sure Hand of God / Irving Shulman 248
The Sling and the Arrow / Erskine Caldwell 250
Novels and Stories / Stuart Engstrand
edited by V.S. Pritchett; and Robert Louis Stevenson / Robert Louis Stevenson 253
Flood Crest / David Daiches 257
The Moth / Hodding Carter 259
The Portable Russian Reader, edited by Bernard Guilbert Guerney / James M. Cain 261
The Person and the Common Good / James M. Cain 264
The Negro Newspaper / Jacques Maritain 267
Jim Crow America / Vishnu V. Oak 267
The High Cost of Prejudice / Earl Conrad 267
The Protestant Church and the Negro / Bucklin Moon 267
Color and Conscience / Frank S. Loescher 267
From Slavery to Freedom / Buell G. Gallagher 267
The Negro in America / John Hope Franklin 267
The Cool World / Arnold Rose 273
Essays / Warren Miller 276
The Arrangement / Seymour Krim 280
A Man's Life: An Autobiography / Elia Kazan 287
Fiction / Roger Wilkins
The Death of a Prophet / Roger Wilkins 293
Sources / Roger Wilkins 301
Additional Authors: Kenan, Randall
Notes: LCCN: 2009050897
ISBN: 9780307378828
ISBN: 0307378829
A collection of essays, speeches, letters, reviews, etc
Includes bibliographical references
Contents: Looking for James Baldwin -- Essays and speeches. Mass culture and the creative artist : some personal notes ; A word from writer directly to reader ; From Nationalism, colonialism, and the United States : one minute to twelve : a forum ; Theater : the Negro in and out ; Is A Raisin in the Sun a lemon in the dark? ; As much truth as one can bear ; Geraldine Page : bird of light ; From What's the reason why? : a symposium by best-selling authors : James Baldwin on Another Country ; The artist's struggle for integrity ; We can change the country ; Why I stopped hating Shakespeare ; The uses of the blues ; What price freedom? ; The white problem ; Black power ; The price may be too high ; The nigger we invent ; Speech from the Soledad rally ; A challenge to bicentennial candidates ; The news from all the northern cities is, to understate it, grim : the state of the union is catastrophic ; Lorraine Hansberry at the summit ; On language, race, and the black writer ; Of the sorrow songs : the cross of redemption ; Black English : a dishonest argument ; This far and no further ; On being white...and other lies ; Blacks and Jews ; To crush a serpent --Profiles. The fight : Patterson vs. Liston ; Sidney Poitier -- Letters. Letters from a journey ; The international war crimes tribunal ; Anti-semitism and black power ; An open letter to my sister Angela Y. Davis ; A letter to prisoners ; The fire this time : letter to the bishop -- Forewords and afterwords. A quarter-century of un-Americana ; Memoirs of a bastard angel : a fifty-year literary and erotic odyssey by Harold Norse ; The Negro in New York : an informal social history, 1626-1940, edited by Roi Ottley and William J. Weatherby ; Daddy was a number runner, by Louise Merriwether ; A lonely rage, by Bobby Seale -- Book reviews. Best short stories, by Maxim Gorky ; Mother, by Maxim Gorky ; The Amboy dukes, by Irving Shulman ; The sure hand of God, by Erskine Caldwell ; The sling and the arrow, by Stuart Engstrand ; Novels and stories, by Robert Louis Stevenson, edited by V.S. Pritchett; and Robert Louis Stevenson, by David Daiches ; Flood crest, by Hodding Carter ; The moth, by James M. Cain ; The portable Russian reader, edited by Bernard Guilbert Guerney ; The Negro newspaper, by Vishnu V. Oak ; Jim Crow America, by Earl Conrad ; The high cost of prejudice, by Bucklin Moon ; The Protestant Church and the Negro, by Frank S. Loescher ; Color and conscience, by Buell G. Gallagher : From slavery to freedom, by John Hope Franklin : The Negro in America, by Arnold Rose ; The cool world, by Warren Miller ; Essays, by Seymour Krim ; The arrangement, by Elia Kazan ; Aman's life : an autobiography, by Roger Wilkins -- Fiction. The death of a prophet
Summary: A treasury of essays, articles, and reviews by the late author includes pieces that explore such topics as religious fundamentalism, Russian literature, and the possibility of an African-American president
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ISBN/ISSN: 9780307378828