Persuasion, social influence, and compliance gaining / Robert H. Gass, John S. Seiter

Author(s): Gass, Robert H
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Subjects: Persuasion (Psychology)
Influence (Psychology)
Manipulative behavior
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Edition: 4th ed
Published: Boston : Allyn & Bacon, c2011
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Table of Contents: 1. Why Study Persuasion? 1
Aims and Goals 2
Persuasion Is Not a Dirty Word 3
Persuasion Is Our Friend 3
The Pervasiveness of Persuasion: You Can Run but You Can't Hide 4
Four Benefits of Studying Persuasion 10
Two Criticisms of Persuasion 14
Ethical Concerns about the Use of Persuasion 18
Summary 19
2. What Constitutes Persuasion? 22
Pure versus Borderline Cases of Persuasion 23
Limiting Criteria for Defining Persuasion 24
A Model of the Scope of Persuasion 30
The Context for Persuasion 31
A Working Definition of Persuasion 33
So What Isn't Persuasion? 33
Dual Processes of Persuasion 34
Summary 38
3. Attitudes and Consistency 41
What Is an "Attitude" in 15 Words or Less? 41
So How Do You Measure the Durn Things? 42
The Theory of Reasoned Action 48
The Theory of Planned Behavior 50
The Persistence of Attitudes 50
Attitudes as Associative Networks: Your Mind Is a Web 51
Manufacturing Favorable Associations: Jiggling the Web 51
Psychological Consistency 54
Cognitive Dissonance Theory 60
Forbidden Fruit: Psychological Reactance 62
Counterattitudinal Advocacy: Playing Devil's Advocate 63
I'm All In: Increasing Commitment 64
Summary 66
4. Credibility 72
Celebrity Selling Power: The Answer Is in the Stars 72
What Is Credibility? 74
The Factor Analytic Approach to Credibility 76
The Factor Analytic Approach and the Real World 81
Credibility as a Peripheral Cue 81
It's What's Up Front That Counts 82
The Sleeper Effect 82
Credibility and Image Management 84
Interpersonal Credibility, Impression Management, Facework, and Accounts 85
Strategies for Enhancing One's Credibility 86
Summary 88
5. Communicator Characteristics and Persuadability 91
Demographic Variables and Persuasion 92
Psychological and Communication States and Traits 98
Analyzing and Adapting to Audiences 107
Summary 112
6. Conformity and Influence in Groups 116
Conformity as Persuasion: In with the Crowd 117
Ostracism: Shuns and Guns 128
Deindividuation and Social Loafing: Getting Lost in the Crowd 129
How Groups Affect Decision Making: To Risk or Not to Risk 134
Summary 136
7. Language and Persuasion 141
Symbols, Meaning, and Persuasion: The Power of Babble 141
Language Intensity, Vividness, and Offensiveness 148
Powerless Language and Persuasion: "UMS" the Word 154
Summary 156
8. Nonverbal Influence 159
The Direct Effects Model of Immediacy 161
Types of Nonverbal Communication 161
Summary 177
9. Structuring and Ordering Persuasive Messages 182
Implicit and Explicit Conclusions: Let Me Spell it Out For You 183
Gain-Framed versus Loss-Framed Messages: Keep on the Sunny Side? 184
Quantity versus Quality of Arguments: The More the Merrier? 185
The Use of Evidence: The Proof's Not in the Pudding 187
Repetition and Mere Exposure: You Can Say That Again 188
Order Effects and Persuasion: First Things First 189
Primacy and Recency Effects: The First Shall Be Last, and the Last Shall Be First 190
Inoculation, Message-Sidedness, and Forewarning: Preventing and Refuting the Persuasive Attempts of Others 192
Summary 199
10. Sequential Persuasion 204
Pregiving: The Old "I'll-Scratch-Your-Back-if-You'll-Scratch-Mine" Approach 205
Foot in the Door: The "Give-Me-an-Inch,-and-I'll-Take-a-Mile" Tactic 207
The-Foot-in-the-Mouth Effect: "How Are You Today?" 210
The Door-in-the-Face Tactic: "Ask for the Stars" 211
The That's-Not-All Tactic: Seeking Compliance by Sweetening the Deal 214
The Lowball Tactic: Changing the Deal 215
"Sorry, We Don't Have Any More of Those in Your Size, But ...": The Bait-and-Switch Tactic 218
The Disrupt-Then-Reframe Technique: I'm So Confused 219
Legitimizing Paltry Contributions: Even a Penny Will Help 219
Fear-Then-Relief and Happiness-Then-Disappointment Procedures: The Emotional Roller Coasters of Social Influence 220
Summary 221
11. Compliance Gaining 225
Actions Speak the Loudest: A Definition of Compliance Gaining 225
In the Beginning: The Roots of Compliance-Gaining Research 226
Situation: The "It Depends" of Compliance-Gaining Behavior 227
Who Are You? Individual Characteristics and Compliance-Gaining Behavior 236
Problems Facing Compliance Research: Trouble in Paradise 238
The Study of Compliance-Gaining Goals: Eyes on the Prize 240
Summary 243
12. Deception 248
What Is Deception? Lies and Damn Lies 249
Telling Lies: The Enactment of Deception 251
Detecting Deception: I Can See Right through You 259
Summary 264
13. Motivational Appeals 270
Intrinsic versus Extrinsic Motivation 271
Logical and Emotional Appeals: A Fuzzy Distinction 271
Fear Appeals: If You Don't Stop Doing That, You'll Go Blind 272
Appeals to Pity and Guilt: Woe Is Me, Shame on You 274
Humorous Appeals: Stop Me If You've Heard This One 277
Pride and Patriotism: Turning Red, White, and Blue into Green 280
For Mature Audiences: Sex Appeals 281
Warmth Appeals: Straight from the Heart 283
Ingratiation: Polishing the Apple 284
Mixed Emotions: Other Appeals and Combinations of Appeals 286
Summary 286
14. Visual Persuasion 292
Visual Persuasion: Often Overlooked 293
How Images Persuade 293
Art as Persuasion: Mona Lisa Made Me Do It 296
Cinematic Persuasion: Sex, Drugs, and Other Vices 301
Images in Advertising: And Now a Word from Our Sponsors 305
Photojournalism as Persuasion: The Camera Does Lie 309
Summary 312
15. Esoteric Forms of Persuasion 316
Subliminal Influence: Hidden Messages or Hokum? 316
Neurolinguistic Programming: The Emperor's New Clothes 321
Music as a Form of Persuasion 323
Aroma and Persuasion 327
Summary 332
16. The Ethics of Persuasion 337
Is Persuasion in General Unethical? 337
The Motives Color the Means 338
Ethics, Culture, and the Issue of Central versus Peripheral Processing 339
Ethical Questions That Can't Be Answered through the Study of Persuasion 340
Our Approach: Characteristics of Ethical Influence 342
Ethical Issues Arising from Previous Chapters 345
Summary 354
Author Index 357
Subject Index 365
Additional Authors: Seiter, John S
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ISBN: 9780205698189
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Contents: Why study persuasion? -- What constitutes persuasion? -- Attitudes and consistency -- Credibility -- Communicator characteristics and persuadability -- Conformity and influence in groups -- Language and persuasion -- Nonverbal influence -- Structuring and ordering persuasive messages -- Sequential persuasion -- Compliance gaining -- Deception -- Motivational appeals -- Visual persuasion -- Esoteric forms of persuasion -- The ethics of persuasion
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