Health and disease / Diane Andrews Henningfeld ; Michael E. Mann, consulting editor

Author(s): Henningfeld, Diane Andrews
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Subjects: Global warming--Health aspects
Climatic changes--Health aspects
Extreme environments--Health aspects
Environmentally induced diseases
Medical climatology
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Published: Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2011
Series: Confronting global warming
Confronting global warming
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Table of Contents: Preface 1
Foreword 3
Chapter 1. Health and Disease in a Warming World: An Overview 10
Why Global Warming is Alarming 10
Human Health and Global Warming: A Complex Relationship 11
The Health Threats of Heat and Drought 12
Extreme Weather: Hurricanes and Floods 13
Sidebar: Hurricane Mitch: A Case Study in Complexity 14
The Health Threats of Air Pollution and Infectious Disease 15
Food and Water: Access and Safety 18
The Health Effects of Rising Sea Levels and Melting Ice 19
Diagram: The Relationship Between Climate Change and Health 20
Preparing for a Warmer World 21
Notes 21
Chapter 2. The Direct Temperature Effects of Global Warming on Health 23
The Effects of Extreme Temperatures on Human Health 23
Severe Heat Waves Are Increasing 24
Sidebar: The Quiet Catastrophe: The European Heat Wave of 2003 25
Heat Waves and Human Mortality and Morbidity 26
The Danger of Heat Waves and the Urban Heat Island for Aging Populations 28
Graph: Projected Heat Wave Deaths in American Cities 29
Mitigating the Dangers of Extreme Heat Events 30
Notes 31
Chapter 3. Aridity and Human Health: Drought, Desertification, and Wildfires 32
Drought and Desertification: Threats to Health 32
Map: The Risk of Death from Drought 34
Drought: The Precursor to Malnutrition and Famine 37
Drought, Dust Storms, and Health 38
Global Warming, Drought, and Wildfires 39
Sidebar: Greece on Fire 40
Coping with the Effects of Drought, Aridity, and Wildfires 41
Notes 43
Chapter 4. Extreme Weather and Health: Hurricanes and Floods 44
Direct Threats to Health from Extreme Weather 45
Indirect Threats to Health from Extreme Weather 47
Sidebar: Hurricane Katrina: The Worst Natural Disaster in U.S. History 48
Water Contamination and Shortages 49
Long-Lasting Health Effects of Extreme Weather 50
The Health Risks of Evacuations and Refugee Status 51
Mental Health Suffers Because of Extreme Weather 51
Graph: Billion-Dollar U.S. Weather Disasters, 1980-2008 52
The Poor Suffer the Most Health Risks 53
Preventing the Most Serious Health Risks 53
Notes 54
Chapter 5. The Impact of Diminished Air Quality on Health 56
Global Warming and Air Quality 56
Ozone: Friend and Foe 57
Ozone is a Serious Threat to Health 58
Sidebar: Global Warming May Be Spurring Allergy and Asthma 59
Smog and Air Quality 60
Particular Matter: Sources and Spread 62
The Health Effects of Smog and Particulate Pollution 63
Aero-Allergens and Health 64
Table: Air Pollution and Health 66
Life's Breath: Air Quality in a Warming World 67
Mitigating Harmful Effects 68
Notes 69
Chapter 6. Global Warming and Infectious Disease 70
Vector-Borne and Zoonotic Illnesses 70
Sidebar: Dengue Fever on the Rise 71
An Increase in Water-Borne and Food-Borne Diseases 74
Diagram: Malaria Life Cycle 75
An Increase in Fungal Diseases 77
Global Warming and Forced Migration 78
The Debate over Global Warming and Infectious Diseases 79
Notes 81
Chapter 7. Food and Water: Access and Safety 82
Food Availability and Access 82
Sidebar: Global Warming Causes Malnutrition 83
Food, Health, and Disease 85
The Controversy over Genetically Modified Food 86
Water Availability and Access 89
The Soaring Demand for Water 89
Coping Strategies for a Thirsty World 90
Chart: Water Facts and Figures 90
Food and Water Safety in a Warming World 92
Notes 93
Chapter 8. Melting Ice and Rising Sea Levels: Impacts on Health 95
Projecting Global Sea Rise 96
Sidebar: Land-Based Ice, Sea Ice, and Rising Oceans 96
The Past Offers a Clue to the Present 98
Coastal Areas Are Densely Populated and at Risk 99
The Health Risks of Seawater Incursion 100
Losing Homes to Rising Seas 101
Graph: Worldwide Impact of a One-Meter Sea-Level Rise 102
Rising Sea Levels, Melting Ice, and Indigenous Arctic Peoples 103
Coping with Rising Seas 105
Notes 106
Chapter 9. The Impact of Global Warming on Health: Conclusion 108
The Young and the Old Are at Risk 109
Poor People and Poor Countries Suffer the Most 110
Sidebar: What is the IPCC? 111
Mitigation and Adaptation 112
Notes 113
Glossary 114
For Further Research 118
Index 125
About the Author 136
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ISBN: 9780737748581 (hardcover)
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Contents: Health and disease in a warming world : an overview -- The direct temperature effects of global warming on health -- Aridity and human health : drought, desertification, and wildfires -- Extreme weather and health : hurricanes and floods -- The impact of diminished air quality on health -- Global warming and infectious disease -- Food and water : access and safety -- Melting ice and rising sea levels : impacts on health -- The impact of global warming on health : conclusion
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