The other poems / Paul Legault

Author(s): Legault, Paul, 1985
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Subjects: Poetry
Formats: Print
Material Type: Books
Language: English
Audience: Unspecified
Edition: 1st ed
Published: Albayny, NY : Fence Books, c2011
Series: Winner Fence Modern Poet Series
Fence Modern Poet Series
LC Classification: P, PS
Physical Description: 77 p. ; 21 cm
Table of Contents: There You Go 1
We Needed Monks 2
Mishkin 3
Company 4
We Are Made Up of Smaller Versions of Ourselves Stacked Up On Top of the Smaller Versions of Ourselves' Shoulders Like a Human Ladder Wearing a Trenchcoat So That We Look Like Just "One Normal-Sized Person Coming Through Here, No Reason to Get Suspicious" 5
Old People Who Don't Exist 6
7 7
Lots of Birds and Lots of Mammals 8
Hideaway Ranch 9
The Circulatory System of a Bee in Spring 10
The Sea Keeps Certain Things 11
Empty Tub 12
New England is Old 13
Saturday Night 14
110% 15
The Oshawan Avant-Garde 16
Shiny Things Inside of Other Shiny Things 17
Free Twenty Dollar Bill 18
Platform 19
"Love is Like a Faucet" 20
Worst Christmas 21
OK 22
Everything's First Time 23
Ranger vs. Danger 24
Babes 25
Como Mantequilla para los Catolicos 26
Pomp & Circumstance 27
Missing You 28
Intermediate Algebra 29
Wednesday Afternoon 30
The Things You Find Underwater 31
Angela Lansbury Returns to Broadway 32
Women Who are Beautiful but Unhappy 33
For Little Paul 34
The Senses 35
Capulet 36
English 37
Baker's Dozen 38
The Principle of Relativity (in the Restricted Sense) 39
"Noodles Are Forever" 40
The Jungle 41
People Over the Age of Twenty Without Children 42
L'Amour Fou 43
Husband 44
Circular Breathing 45
Big & Close 46
Huge Lightning 47
Get Out 48
The Great Greats 49
Poem 50
Digital Weave 51
Incredible Winter 52
Guide to Tradition 53
When You're on the Go and You're Dad 54
The Proof of the Pudding 55
Dwarf Fortress 56
Pirate Ships on Fire = Gay 57
Animal Husbandry 58
The You-Know-What 59
Emotive Cello Music 60
Safety 61
Seventh Grade is for Losers 62
The Celestial Tradition 63
The Catch 64
Weather Is Good 65
Under the Gun 66
The Music from Inside 67
Sexual Pinocchio 68
God Remembers the Nineties 69
Wet Paint 70
Not Good
Not Hairy
Not Not In Bed
Not Long 71
Louse 72
Under Where You Were Standing
Under The Control Of Your Mind
Under The Roof
Under Your Thumb 73
Not From
Not A
Not The Place Where They Leave Them Alone 74
A Wave In The Well
Closing One Eye On Cue
Closing One Eye To Convey A Hidden Meaning
Winkle-Nook 75
Title presenting a situation used to multiply the lines of thought 77
Notes: ISBN: 9781934200506
ISBN: 1934200506
OCLC Number: 759935382
ISBN/ISSN: 9781934200506