2013 National Poetry Month - Highlighting Louise Bogan

King Library will have a display up this month in the foyer of the first floor in honor of National Poetry Month.  This year we are highlighting the work of Louise Bogan, and the poets she either reviewed in the New Yorker or that she collected in her personal collection.

Special Collections will also be highlighting Louise Bogan in a display on the third floor of King.  For more information check out their blog post from last year called The Working Library of Louise Bogan (1897-1970), Poet and Critic.  They have around 2,000 volumes in her personal book collection.  Among other things, there are books of criticism, novels, and many books of poetry.

If you are interested in reading her books, check out these titles:

The Blue Estuaries; Poems, 1923-1968.  King Library (2nd floor) | PS3503.O195 B5

Collected Poems, 1923-1953.  King Library (2nd floor) | PS3503.O195 A17 1954

Selected Criticism: Prose, Poetry.  King Library (2nd floor) | PN511 .B54

A Poet's Prose: Selected Writings of Louise Bogan: With the Uncollected Poems.  King Library (2nd floor) | PS3503.O195 A6 2005 

Achievement in American Poetry, 1900-1950.  SW Depository | PS221 .B56 

There are also several books about her:

Louise Bogan by Jacqueline Ridgeway.  Hamilton Library | PS3503.O195 Z84 1984 

Louise Bogan: A Reference Source by Claire E. Knox.  SW Depository | PS3503.O195 K58 1990

Louise Bogan: A Portrait by Elizabeth Frank.  King Library (2nd floor) | PS3503.O195 Z662 1985

Obsession and Release: Rereading the Poetry of Louise Bogan by Lee Upton.  SW Depository | PS3503.O195 Z89 1996

Our 30 year old Friendship: Letters from Louise Bogan, Conversations with Mildred Weston ; and, Legacy by  Mildred Weston.  SW Depository | PS3573.E92426 A6 1997 

If you'd like to read some of the poets included in her collection, here are titles that you can check out:

The Colossus by Sylvia Plath.  King Library (2nd floor) | PS3566.L27 C6 1967

Starting from San Francisco by Lawrence Ferlinghetti.  Hamilton Library | PS3511.E557 S8 1967

Pictures from Brueghel, and Other Poems by William Carlos Williams.  King Library (2nd floor) | PS3545.I544 P45

95 Poems by e.e. cummings.  King Library (2nd floor) | PS3505.U334 N5

The Lion and the Rose Poems by May Sarton.  SW Depository | PS3537.A832 L5

The Beautiful Changes and Other Poems by Richard Wilbur.  King Library (2nd floor) | PS3545.I32165 B4

In the Clearing by Robert Frost.  King Library (2nd floor) | PS3511.R94 I5 1970 

In addition to checking out the library's displays and finding some poetry to read, you might also want to look at some of these other resources for celebrating National Poetry Month:

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Whatever you do to celebrate, we hope you'll make time this month to enjoy some poetry!