The 2013 Statistical Abstract of the United States

The United States federal government collects and publishes a vast variety of statistics. The Census Bureau, the Department of Homeland Secrutity, NOAA, the USGS, the NCES, the BEA, BLS, BJS, EIA, CDC, and other three, four, and more letter agencies collect, compile, and publish statistics.

In 1878 the United States Census Bureau began publishing the Statistical Abstract of the United States as a compilation of statistical information about the USA. This resource has been if not the final answer then the starting point for finding statistical information for more than 133 years. The Miami University Libraries have a complete run from the first to the last.

The last issue published by the US government that is. In 2012 the Statistical Compendia Program which had been responsible for compiling the Abstract was defunded. However the Statistical Abstract will live on, now compiled and published by ProQuest and Bernan (compiled in fact by some of the same staff formerly employed by the Census bureau).

The new Abstract still covers all of the same information as previous editions: population, education, trade, prices, foreign commerce, international statistics, and more.

OhioLINK has subscribed to the ProQuest Statistical Abstract in electronic format which will include monthly updates, search, downloadable tables, index terms, citation information, and direct links to the original sources for statistics. The Miami University Libraries have acquired the ever popular print copies (which will be printed in a new, larger format) for campus libraries.