3-D printing in the news

The process of making a three-dimensional solid object is definitely getting more and more attention and popularity everywhere. If you check Miami's homepage, then the image below may look familiar to you; the whole story is available at http://miamioh.edu/news/top-stories and kudos to John Williams.

Photo: Scott Kissell

If you're asking yourself "can I see/try this MakerBot Replicator 3D printer?"
The answer is "absolutely YES" ... to get started:

  • Visit this page http://bit.ly/1h78WJy
  • Or contact either John Williams <williajc@MiamiOH.edu> at the Business, Engineering, Science and Technology (BEST) Library (513) 529-6886; or Jon Cameron <cameroj3@MiamiOH.edu> at the Center for Information Management (CIM) in King Library (513) 529-1776.