Gov Docs Coloring Contest

The 100th Anniversary of Miami Libraries' Federal Depository is approaching, and to help decorate the Government Information and Law (GIL) area in advance of the Federal Depository Centennial Celebration on Friday, November 13th, we're having a coloring contest!

Materials to color are selected from, of course, coloring books that the libraries have received as part of the Federal Depository Library Program:

"Biosecurity for Birds," "Winter Survival," "Crack Down on Drugs," "Getting to Know Your Mailman," or even "Mining and Reclamation" -- it's strange but true: If you can think of a topic, the Government may have created a coloring book for it.

Crayons are available at the IMC/GIL main desk, and everyone is encouraged to participate. Entries for the contest must include your contact information to be eligible. More details -- along with lots of different coloring sheets to choose from -- are available at IMC/GIL.

For a better look at the kinds of Government-published coloring books available in GIL, you can search for "coloring book" in the Libraries' catalog. Many are available as PDFs or interactive Web sites online.

Give it a try!