Teaching Literary Research: Challenges in a Changing Environment

If you teach literature classes (or other Humanities-related classes), you might be interested in a new book called Teaching Literary Research: Challenges in a Changing Environment, edited by Kathleen Johnson and Steven Harris. It's available at King Library PN73 .T43 2009. This book has essays written by various professors and librarians examining different aspects of teaching literary research. Topics covered include: information literacy, teaching English majors, teaching non-English majors, research as inquiry, curriculum changes, literary methodology, genre study, use of technology in literature, collaborations between faculty and librarians, etc. There's a particular emphasis on new technologies and the effect it's having on literary research. For instance there's a chapter called "The Changing Nature of the Book: Literary Research, Cultural Studies, and the Digital Age." Teaching research skills will continue to be an important topic as students continue to need to learn how to navigate the ever-increasing amount of information available to them. As explained in the introduction of the book, "The students engaged in the literary research process have, likewise, changed with each generation, becoming greater consumers of technology, if, perhaps, remaining somewhat ignorant of effective research methods. Our contributors discuss the challenges instruction librarians and literature faculty face in this ever-changing environment" (2). This book would be helpful for both college-level instructors and high school teachers. If you're interested in this topic, you might also want to check out the Research Competency Guidelines for Literatures in English.