Adrienne Rich

Adrienne Rich died on Tuesday March 27th. The New York Times has done a very nice obituary for her: A Poet of Unswerving Vision at the Forefront of Feminism

If you, like me, now want to go re-read some of her work (or want to discover her for the first time), we have many of her poetry collections at the library:

Tonight no poetry will serve : poems, 2007-2010. King Library (2nd floor) | PS3535.I233 T66 2011

An atlas of the difficult world : poems, 1988-1991. King Library (2nd floor) | PS3535.I233 A84 1991

Diving into the wreck; poems, 1971-1972. King Library (2nd floor) | PS3535.I233 D58

Collected early poems, 1950-1970. King Library (2nd floor) | PS3535.I233 A6 1993

You will also find many of her poems online. I like some of the poems found on The Academy of Poets website because they include recordings of her poems (some read by her):

The Art of Translation

Diving into the Wreck

The Burning of Paper Instead of Children

I would recommend reading some of her essays:

Arts of the possible: essays and conversations. King Library (2nd floor) | PS3535.I233 A83 2001

On lies, secrets, and silence : selected prose, 1966-1978. King Library (2nd floor) | PS3535.I233 O6 1979

Of woman born: motherhood as experience and institution. King Library (2nd floor) | HQ759 .R53 1986

There are so many lines of her poems I could include to give you a taste of her words, but I think I'll leave you with these lines:

"My heart is moved by all I can not save:
So much has been destroyed
I have to cast my lot with those
who age after age, perversely
with no extraordinary power,
reconstitute the world."
-"Natural Resources" from The Dream of a Common Language: Poems 1974–1977