Bridging Cultures: Art, Architecture, and Film


As we wrap up the school year, we are wrapping our Muslim Journeys programs.  The final collection I want to highlight is the Art, Architecture, and Film collection.  In this collection we have:

Koran by Heart (2011), directed by Greg Barker

Islamic Art: Mirror of the Invisible World (2011), directed by Robert Gardner

Prince Among Slaves (2007), directed by Andrea Kalin

Islamic Art Spots (short films designed, written, and presented by D. Fairchild Ruggles, developed especially for the Muslim Journeys Bookshelf

Islamic Arts by Jonathan Bloom and Sheila Blair. ArtArch | N6260 .B576 1997

The Art of Hajj by Venetia Porter. ArtArch | N6260 .P67 2012

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