ComAnalytics for Communication Scholars

We now have access to ComAnalytics. It’s an add-on to ComAbstracts. Both are managed by the Communication Institute for Online Scholarship. ComAnalytics provides data about the relative publication performance of individual scholars and of departments of communication. Areas include journalism, mass communication, speech, communication studies, media studies, rhetoric, etc. It is the only national system that covers the communication field comprehensively, that properly classifies the field's programs, and that uses metrics validated against relevant external benchmarks (ISI journal impact ratings and rankings from the NCA study of doctoral program reputation). It is the only system that allows individual scholars to benchmark their own performance.

Scholars will find it useful in finding out some of the major new works in their field. It will also be useful for annual reviews and dossiers because a scholar can see how he or she compares to scholars who specialize in similar areas of study.

You can connect to it on campus from this link: You should also be able to get to it from our ComAbstracts link: