It’s All Fun and Games: Using Games in the K-12 Classroom

In his recent article “Games and  21st Century Standards—an Ideal Partnership,” library technology specialist Brian Mayer ties game-based education to the Common Core Standards. He primarily discusses how games lend themselves to the inquiry process now being emphasized in the curriculum. And depending on the type of game, “the inquiry process takes the course of the entire game, a single turn, or only moments”.

You’re in luck! The Instructional Materials Center (IMC), Ground Floor King holds dozens of games and interactive curriculum materials to extend learning: board games, puppets, a forensic kit, magic tricks.

Notes:  In the catalog, search on the Subject “Games” or the Keyword “Puppet,” then limit results to “IMC”. Also, we do not carry computer games.

Here’s a list of articles that outline many more possibilities in the game department:

To search for your own ideas, try using the Education Full Text database and searching the Subject term “Educational Games”.

Have fun!