Vladimir Nabokov's new novel

Yes, you read that right. When Vladimir Nabokov died in 1977, he left an unfinished novel called The Original of Laura (Dying is Fun). Despite Nabokov's explicit instructions that his penciled index cards for this novel be destroyed, neither his wife nor his son could bring themselves to do it. Now his son Dmitri has published perforated fascimiles (if you check out our library's copy, please don't tear them out!) of these index cards along with typeset transcriptions. The book includes an introduction by Dmitri that explains his decision to publish this work. It's a beautifully done book. It's fascinating to see Nabokov's smudges and examine what he decided to cross out and change. You can see images of some of the index cards here. You can also read an interesting review here. Finally you can check out the book at King Library (PS3527.A15 O75 2008), though you'll have to wait for me to finish it first!