Norton Anthology of English Literature Celebrates 50 Years!

The Norton Anthology of English Literature turns fifty this year. In its honor The New York Times published an interview with the founding editor M.H. Abrams and the current editor Stephen Greenblatt. It's interesting to read their thoughts on the importance of the anthology.

As you might expect, the library has several editions of this anthology. For instance, we have the 8th edition in our circulating collection.

Hamilton Library actually has the original 1962 edition in their library.

In addition to the English Literature Anthology, we of course have several other Norton Anthologies, including:

Norton Anthology of Latino Literature

Norton Anthology of American Literature

Norton Anthology of Literature by Women

Norton Anthology of Short Fiction

In the interview they mention wanting students to be able to carry the book around and read it anywhere, including under a tree. I honestly can't say I ever remember willingly carrying the book around with me because the edition I had was rather heavy. Still that edition has stayed with me over the years, and I do sometimes still refer back to it! Here's hoping that future generations of students continue to find this anthology useful.