Tax Time!

It's time to start thinking about filing taxes for 2012.

Paying Taxes

The Miami University Libraries will not be stocking pre-printed tax forms this year due to low utilization and waste due to bulk ordering requirements. However staff in the Government Information & Law Department will print copies of any forms or instructions for you at your request.

If you would prefer pre-printed forms, select forms can be obtained at the Oxford branch of the Lane Libraries.

All tax forms and electronic payment instructions are available online for Federal, Ohio, and local Oxford/Butler County taxes.

International Students working in the US will likely need to file a 1040 NR form. The 1040 NR can be printed from the IRS website.

Where does all the money go?

If you are interested in where your tax dollars will be spent, the Treasury Department publishes annually the General Explanations of the Administration’s Revenue Proposals otherwise known as the Green Book. The Green Book is a general outline of what the current adminstration would like to see Federal income put twoards. The Treasury Department also has tax policy information and data about the US economy available on their website. The Miami University Libraries have exstensive current and historical Treasury Department publications available. The IRS has statistics on practically every aspect of Federal taxes available on their website.

The White House Federal Taxpayer Receipt should be updated for 2012 later this year.