The Arabian Nights coming to Miami University

The Theatre Department is putting on a production of The Arabian Nights (By Mary Zimmerman and directed by Lewis Magruder) this April. The dates will be April 15th-17th and April 22nd-25th. You can buy tickets here, as well as watch a short video about the production.

If you decide to go, you may want to read up a bit on The Arabian Nights. Here are a couple of titles you might want to check out:

The Arabian Nights Reader by Ulrich Marzolph. King Library PJ7737 .A735 2006.

The Arabian Nights: A Companion by Robert Irwin. King Library PJ7737 .I79 1994.

The Arabian Nights: A Play by Mary Zimmerman. King Library PS3576.I66 A73 2005.

The Art of Story-telling: A Literary Study of the Thousand and One Nights by Mia Irene Gerhardt. King Library PJ7737 .G4.

The Arabian Nights translated by Husain Haddawy. King Library PJ7715 .H33 1990.

The Arabian nights: Tales from the Thousand and One Nights by E.J. Detmold. Special Collections PJ7716.A1 D486 1925

The Arabian Nights Encyclopedia