The Blythes are Quoted

I just finished reading The Blythes are Quoted by L.M. Montgomery (King Library PR9199.3.M6 B59 2009). As a fan of her work, I found it to be a great read (though I'll admit I might not be the most impartial fan). This book is the last work of fiction that L.M.Montgomery prepared for publication before her death in 1942, but it was never before published in its entirety. Previous editions (with a different title) did not include many of the poems and short vignettes included in this edition. You can find an article with more details on this edition here.

The book is set up to provide you glimpses into the later years of the Blythe family interspersed with short stories about other people living in the same community who knew the Blythes. Readers who only read the first couple of Anne of Green Gables books (or only saw the films) might find some of the darker stories included in this edition to be a bit of a surprise. If you've read some of her other novels and her numerous short stories, you'll be less surprised by some of the themes included here (lost love, revenge, orphans, adultery, war, death, etc). These stories show L.M. Montgomery's humor, insight into ordinary people's lives and thoughts, and her lovely descriptions of nature (okay, some of the descriptions veer into purple prose but I like her passion for the beauty in life).

If you're interested in reading more about L.M.Montgomery, here are some recent titles you might like:

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Looking for Anne of Green Gables: the story of L.M. Montgomery and her literary classic. King Library PR9199.3.M6 Z68 2008.

I'll leave you with words from one of the poems included in this book:

Friend o' mine, in the year oncoming
I wish you a little time for play,
And an hour to dream in the eerie gloaming
After the clamorous day.