The Miami Years 1809-1959

The Miami Years 1809-1959 by Walter Havighurst.

The Miami Years gives particular attention to the personalities and incidents that comprise Miami University's past. There is the story of William Holmes McGuffey who came to Miami in 1825 and compiled his famous McGuffey Reader which would sell 120 million copies and made McGuffey's name as familiar as the alphabet. There are also scenes from such dramatic episodes as the establishment of the Miami Triad of Greek letter fraternities and the infamous Snowball Rebellion.

There is the poignant picture of a college divided by the Civil War when student volunteers for both armies left Miami on the same train. We learn how Miami made the transition to co-education, grew from an enrollment of under 200 students to a major mid-sized university, carried on a war training program for 10,000 Navy personnel during the Second World War, and met the rush of veterans studying under the G. I. Bill after the war.

A nation's growth is reflected in this story of growth of an institution of higher learning. But along with outlining the bold strokes of change in American education, Havighurst depicts the men who, by courageously and ingeniously coping with the problems at hand, enabled a college to survive and progress for over 200 years.