Additional Information for Faculty

How can I make a request?

Use the Online Request Form. The Online Request Form may be accessed from the libraries' main page; select "Interlibrary Loan/SWORD.

Who can make an interlibrary loan request?

Any current Miami University faculty, faculty emeriti, staff, or student can make a request.

Is there a cost?

At this point, there is no charge for use of interlibrary loan services at Miami. However, there are costs associated with the process of receiving materials from other institutions, such as labor, photo duplication, copyright compliance, and postage and handling.

How can I track my ILL requests?

To see all requests you have made via ILL simply log in to the ILL service the same way you do when you are placing a new ILL request. Once you are logged in, you will see the option "See your ILL requests." Click on this link, and you will be taken to a list of everything you have requested via ILL. For books that have been received, there will be an option to request a renewal.

What can be obtained through interlibrary loan?

Currently, we accept requests for books, monographs, patents, theses, and dissertations, as well as requests for journal articles and certain newspapers (both articles and whole reels). Entire journals may not be borrowed.

Can I borrow a video or DVD?

Most libraries do not lend any of their audio-visual materials, so our success at obtaining these is quite low.

How long will it take for my request to be processed?

In most cases, your request will be filled within 8 or 10 days of when you turn it in. This may vary, however. Some photocopy requests from journals held by OhioLINK schools may be filled within 4 days. Requests for rare or foreign material may take a month or longer, however. Photocopy requests generally arrive faster than book requests, since books tend to be shipped fourth class (library rate).

What if I need an article/book very quickly?

Rush service is only available on a case-by-case basis. If you need RUSH service you must speak to an Interlibrary Loan staff member in person or by phone.

How will I know when my requested material arrives?

For books: Our procedure is to notify you at your university email address, as specified through Miami's central directory. You may also request a phone call notification if there is an urgent need. For photocopies of articles: Articles are now primarily received electronically, and when received are posted as .pdf files to your ILL record. When a requested article has been received we will send you an email notification that it is available for download by you. Occasionally some lending libraries do not have the capability to send us articles electronically, and in those cases you may receive an article directly via either email, campus, or U.S. mail.

Can I ask to renew materials once my due date comes up?

Yes, however the lending library is the sole authority on renewals, and it is responsible for setting due dates. Some libraries will not allow renewals of interlibrary loan materials, while others are more than happy to grant renewals. All renewal requests must be made before the due date or they will not be processed. If the bookband indicates no renewals, we cannot request a renewal. If you still need to use the item, please send email to, or you can make a renewal request by logging into the Interlibrary Loan page and using the See Your ILL Items link.

Is there a grace period on overdue books and micro materials?

Due dates are set by the lending library, not Miami. If you fail to observe the due date, then you may be responsible for jeopardizing our relationship with the lending library. Also, you may be subject to fines and will be subject to suspension of all library privileges.

What happens if I lose the book?

In case of loss of materials, you, the patron, will be fully responsible for any replacement costs. Likewise, any charges for damage to materials will be passed on to you.