QR Codes at Miami University Libraries

What's this?

This unique bar code is called a QR code (QR being short for Quick Response). These codes allow people to instantly learn more about an event, product, web site, business and more by linking you to content on any supported phone. Here's how it works:

  1. Make sure your phone can scan a QR code with its camera, either with an application that you download or via software that's already installed on your phone. Your mobile cameraphone may be able to scan QR codes out of the box or you may need to download software. You can do that here:
  • When you see a QR code, use your phone's application to scan it. You will be taken instantly to information on your phone.
  • QR Codes: How they Work from Miami U. Libraries on Vimeo.
    How the libraries are using QR codes
    QR Codes on Books
    Have you ever found a book in the library and thought, "Hmm...this book is great, what else has this author written" or "This book is just what i'm looking for....it really helps me write this paper, what are some other similar books out there that would also be helpful?"

    Well, we have embarked on a project to help answer those questions. In the near future, we will be embedding QR codes on the inside covers of select books throughout the library system. These QR codes, when scanned with your mobile phone, will direct you to a page on our mobile site which lists other books by the same author, books on the same topic and even reviews of the work!! In addition, the codes will provide you with suitable journal articles on the subject!! Be on the lookout for these codes!

    If you have any questions please contact Kobby or Jason
    QR Code Posters & Signs
    We have placed QR codes throughout the library that offers contextual help and services. Need to know what software is included on certain computers? There's a QR code for that. In a study room using the monitors and need help? There's a QR code in the study room for that. Keep an eye out for these codes!
    QR Codes on the Library Web site
    When you search for books on the library web site, a QR code will appear on the detailed information page for each book. If you scan that code it will instantly give you the location of that book on the shelves, so you don't need to write down the call number!!