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Illuminant Newsletter and Annual Update

Illuminant: Newsletter and Annual Update

![Dean of Libraries Jerome Conley](/images/post-images/Jerome_Conley_300x406.jpg) ## **_From the Dean ..._** Despite all the changes you see in libraries today, the heart remains the same. We serve those who hunger for knowledge. We create access to resources that not all can afford. We offer community that welcomes and includes. As you will learn in the stories that follow, the University Libraries remain integral to our university’s future, and those who believe in the power of libraries have never been more important. We appreciate the opportunity to keep you informed. _[**Read more ...**]( **Jerome U. Conley Dean & University Librarian**

![Rendering of a possible future library layout, including e-sports and a visualization laboratory (vizlab)](/images/post-images/library-interior.jpg) ## **_Envisioning the future ..._** Master planning process offers a glimpse into King Library's future possibilities. **_[Take the tour ...](**

![Jerry Williams, class of 1939, wearing a leather football helmet]( ## **_The story of Jerry Williams '39_** Within a yellowed manila folder, filed among the endless rows of vertical files and tidy blue boxes containing Miami University's history, waited a heart-wrenching story in need of a voice. **_[Read the story ...](**

![Judy Goacher Mansfield, class of 1968]( ## **_Mansfield's lifelong love of libraries inspires major gift_** In the case of Judy Goacher Mansfield '68, mother really did know best. **_[Read the story ...](**

## **_Are you a former Libraries student worker?_** The University Libraries are partnering with the Miami University Alumni Association to identify and reconnect with our former student workers. **_[Read the story ...](**
## **_King Library home to groundbreaking eSports Arena ..._** Libraries offer space to support student-inspired and nationally competitive program. **_[Read the story ...](**
## **_Some study dates last a lifetime ..._** In December 2017, Sam Hornsby '16 brought his girlfriend Shelby Trejo '15 back to the King Library study room where they had their first date to ask her an important question. **_[View the video ...](**
## **_Libraries form inaugural alumni advisory board_** Board brings together perspectives from media, corporate and library careers to offer guidance to the Dean & University Librarian. **_[Read the story ...](**
## **_An eye on our students ..._** Get to know three senior Libraries student workers and their future plans. **_[Read the story ...](**
## **_Why I give: Dr. Daniel Dolan '12_** A former Libraries student worker and current surgical resident, Dr. Daniel Dolan, shares why he contributed a matching gift to the 2018 #MoveInMiami day of giving campaign. **_[Read the story ...](**
## **_Q&A with 2017 LAURE winner Hannah Woods_** In 2017, the University Libraries awarded the second round of Libraries Awards for Undergraduate Research Excellence (LAURE). Psychology major Hannah Woods was the first-place winner. **_[Read the story ...](**
## **_2017 Libraries by the numbers ..._** The University Libraries checked out more than 132,000 items in 2017, but perhaps the most impressive numbers are the resources students can access without stepping in the library. **_[Check out the numbers ...](**

[![Miami University eSports team]( ]( [![Sam Hornsby '17 and Shelby Trejo '15]( ]( [![The Miami University Libraries Alumni Advisory Board]( ](