We would love your feedback!

Based on a semester of feedback and testing, we are rolling out a new version of our upcoming 2020 website. Because this website is for YOU, we would love to hear your feedback on how this site works, or does not work, for you.

Filling out the feedback form at right sends your comments directly to the web team. You can use as many times as you desire. You'll see questions related to the website's design, content, and navigation. Be honest; the more issues we identify today, the better the website will become for full-time use this summer.

Quick tour

This new website aims provides you with easy access to all our services and resources. Here are the major changes from our current libraries' website.

Navigation: Our new navigation menu above is split into three sections...

  • Research & Support: Covers everything you can find and do at your libraries.
  • Using the libraries: How to use our services and resources.
  • About: Information about our locations and our organization.

OneSearch box: On our new homepage you'll see OneSearch, where you can now search our in-library materials and online resources all at once. The tabs also allow you to jump straight to article, book, or journal title searches. Links below the search boxes feature additional resources and advanced options.

Chat with us: Click the "Ask Us" button at the right side of any page to chat live with a librarian.