Strategic Plan for 2020-2021


Develop talent, resources, and experiences to facilitate an inclusive community.

Professional Development

Initiative: Implement a comprehensive development program at all levels of the organization with at least 50% employee participation.

  • Alea Henle
  • Donna Richardson
  • Rachel Makarowski


Initiative: Investigate, advocate, and implement flexible work environments and staff structures by July 30, 2021. While our focus will be on doing the research that will establish a foundation for long term change as reflected in our final recommendations, we will also look for opportunities to take action throughout the process.

  • Lindsay Miller
  • Jody Perkins
  • Kim Hoffman

Transform the Libraries’ environment and user-centered experience to anticipate evolving modes of learning and the actual resource needs of our community.

Virtual spaces & services

Initiative: Ensure cohesive experience between virtual and physical spaces by expanding and marketing virtual spaces and services to increase user touchpoints by 15%.

  • Elias Tzoc
  • Stan Brown
  • Ken Irwin
  • Alia Levar Wegner

Communicating services

Initiative: Create infrastructure in order to communicate our values and cultivate community by (1) assessing and analyzing user needs, (2) solidifying a brand for the libraries, and (3) creating a brand ambassador program.

  • Kevin Messner
  • Nick Kneer
  • Nate Floyd

Forge meaningful partnerships that foster affordability, ensure relevancy, and cultivate life-long connections.

Meaningful Partnerships

Initiative: Analyze and cultivate values-driven partnerships to support services by pursuing grants, donor funding, and investing in relationship building.

  • Bill Modrow
  • Carla Myers
  • Katie Gibson