New! Plug into our computers from home

Miami Libraries now offer access to Windows desktops remotely from your own Mac or Windows computer.

To connect to one of our computers you must first connect to the campus VPN. follow the instructions in the Miami Knowledge Base for how to connect to the VPN.

After you are connected, visit then choose one of our machine pools.

  • ULB-ARTARCH for access to the Art and Architecture Library computers.
  • ULB-KING for access to the King Library computers.

After selecting your pool you must make a reservation then click the “connect to remote lab” button. This will download an “.rdp” file for use with Microsoft Remote Desktop.

On Windows simply double click the RDP file to launch Remote Desktop and start the computer login process.

On MacOS you will need to install Microsoft remote desktop in order to open the “.rdp” file.

After you have finished your work on the workstation be sure to log out so that it is available to others.

Check the Miami Knowledge Base for further information about Remote Lab.