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Libraries supporters break all-time #MoveInMiami records

Donors to the University Libraries during #MoveInMiami exceeded the combined goal by more than 25%

Preliminary results point toward a record-breaking year for the University Libraries’ #MoveInMiami campaign.

Supporters of the Libraries came out in full, making a total of 94 donations to exceed a combined 75-donation goal between the Pressing Needs of the Libraries Fund and the Textbooks on Reserve Initiative. The full dollar amount of these gifts is still being processed, but early results indicate the funds will create a substantial impact. In the 8-year history of the campaign, this year’s 94 donors break the record for the most #MoveInMiami donors recorded by the Libraries.

In addition, thanks to a new #MoveInMiami-wide Challenge Goal sponsored by CollegeAdvantage, the Textbooks on Reserve Initiative also received a bonus $500 gift by being the #MoveInMiami project with the most donations received between 3 and 4 p.m.

“Funding from our generous #MoveInMiami donors has historically made an impact on the services we’ve been able to provide to our students, faculty, and staff,” said Dean of Libraries Jerome Conley. Over the years, #MoveInMiami donations have supported the purchase of innovative technology to enhance our experiential learning spaces and provided funding to make expensive textbooks available for checkout.

“This year, we’re grateful and excited for the opportunity for not only the chance to continue growing the Textbooks on Reserve program, but also to use the flexibility provided by the Pressing Needs of the Libraries fund to be responsive and innovative by standing up much-needed services quickly for our students, faculty, and staff and recruiting, retaining, and developing diverse and talented staff members and student employees.”

Miami University is currently tallying the 4,812 gifts totaling more than $3.3 million made in support of #MoveInMiami this year; full dollar amounts for the Libraries’ funds are expected next week.