• King Library
    • Jerome Conley (Contact)
      Dean & University Librarian
    • Administrative Services
      • Donna Richardson (Contact)
        Administrative Services Coordinator
      • Heather Bennett (Contact)
        Administrative Assistant
      • Lissa Martin (Contact)
        Budget Specialist
    • Enterprise Services
      • Aaron Shrimplin (Contact)
        Senior Associate Dean
      • Share and Showcase
        • Gabe Haverkos (Contact)
          Special Assistant to the Dean
        • Michael Smith (Contact)
          Manager Library Operations and Planning
        • Katelyn DeGregorio (Contact)
          Strategic Communications Coordinator
      • Steward and Sustain
        • William Modrow (Contact)
          Head, Steward & Sustain
        • Eric Harrelson (Contact)
          Preservation/Conservation Librarian
        • Jacqueline Johnson (Contact)
          University Archivist
        • Rachel Makarowski (Contact)
          Special Collections Librarian
        • Candace Pine (Contact)
          Rare Book & Manuscript Librarian
        • Alia Levar Wegner (Contact)
          Digital Collections Librarian
        • Sam Shoup (Contact)
      • Systems
        • Stan Brown (Contact)
          Director of Library Technology
        • Michael Bomholt (Contact)
          Project Manager/Systems Admin II
        • Ken Irwin (Contact)
          Web Services Librarian
        • Rachel Maderik (Contact)
          Systems Administrator II
        • Meng Qu (Contact)
          Web Design Librarian
        • Jerry Yarnetsky (Contact)
          Web Services Librarian
    • User Services
      • John Millard (Contact)
        Associate Dean
      • Access and Borrow
        • Alea Henle (Contact)
          Head, Access & Borrow Department
        • Autumn Griffie (Contact)
          Library Technician
        • Circulation
          • Kristina Abney (Contact)
            Manager, Access & Administrative Services
          • Nela Louise Ahmed (Contact)
            Library Technician
          • Alyssa Bowling (Contact)
            Senior Library Technician
          • Paul Foley (Contact)
            Library Associate (Overnight Supervisor)
          • Caine Grimes (Contact)
            Senior Library Technician
          • Mary Hubbard (Contact)
            Library Associate
          • Sabrina Mason (Contact)
            Library Associate
          • Gabe Neff (Contact)
            Senior Library Technician
          • Danielle Owens (Contact)
            Senior Library Technician
          • Sean Poppe (Contact)
            Library Associate
          • Sheila Sparks (Contact)
            Library Associate (Interlibrary Loan / Financial Functions)
          • Rob O'Brien Withers (Contact)
            Coordinator, Access Services
          • Tricia Zeiser (Contact)
            Senior Library Technician (Circulation - Morning / Reserves)
        • SWORD
          • Pamela Lipscomb (Contact)
            Depository Manager
          • Alyssa McAninch (Contact)
            Library Technician
        • Technical Services
          • Cara Calabrese (Contact)
            Acquisitions & Access Librarian
          • Pamela Hopkins (Contact)
            Manager of Technical Services
          • Susan Keyes (Contact)
            Senior Library Technician
          • Patricia Kay Russell (Contact)
            Administrative Assistant
          • Jennifer Smith (Contact)
            Senior Library Technician
          • Elizabeth Staarmann (Contact)
            Library Associate
          • Masha Stepanova (Contact)
            Coordinator of Cataloging and Slavic Librarian
          • Richard Wisneski (Contact)
            Electronic Resources Librarian
      • Advise and Instruct
        • Kevin Messner (Contact)
          Head, Advise & Instruct Department
        • Kristen Adams (Contact)
          Science & Engineering Librarian
        • Ginny Boehme (Contact)
          Science Librarian
        • Mark Dahlquist (Contact)
          Humanities and Social Sciences Librarian
        • Katie Gibson (Contact)
          Humanities Librarian
        • Zachary Grisham (Contact)
          Business Librarian
        • Stefanie Hilles (Contact)
          Arts & Humanities Librarian
        • Megan Jaskowiak (Contact)
          Health and Social Sciences Librarian
        • Roger A Justus (Contact)
          Data Services Librarian
        • Abigail Morgan (Contact)
          Social Sciences Librarian
        • Jenny Presnell (Contact)
          Humanities and Social Science Librarian
        • Barry Zaslow (Contact)
          Music Librarian
      • Create and Innovate
        • Carla Myers (Contact)
          Associate Librarian/Coordinator of Scholarly Communication
        • Lori Chapin (Contact)
          Manager of Innovative Spaces
        • Lindsey Masters (Contact)
          Creative Technologist
        • Sarah Nagle (Contact)
          Creation and Innovation Services Librarian
        • Jody Perkins (Contact)
          Digital Scholarship Librarian/Metadata Specialist
        • John Williams (Contact)
          Makerspace Technology Specialist
      • Learning and Engagement
        • Andrew Revelle (Contact)
          Instructional Technologies Librarian
        • Laura Birkenhauer (Contact)
          Student Success Librarian for Campus Engagement
        • Jason Ezell (Contact)
          Head, Learning and Engagement
        • Nathaniel Floyd (Contact)
          Student Success Librarian for Foundational Learning
        • Jaclyn Spraetz (Contact)
          Information Literacy Librarian