Tours for External Groups (Schools, Civic Organizations)

Admissions tours of the campus feature a visit to King Library. Library Tours are also available for K-12 groups and civic organizations.

Who is eligible?

School groups
One adult should accompany every 10 students. Adults should plan to remain with the students for the duration of the visit to the Libraries.
Civic groups
One adult should accompany every 10 students. Adults should plan to (Girl/Boy Scouts, etc) remain with the students for the duration of the visit to the Libraries.

What services are available?

General Tour
An introduction to college level research tools as well as a walking tour of the building. Time: 30-60 minutes.
Multimedia Instruction
An introduction to equipment for creating digital images, audio, video, or web pages using resources available in the Libraries. Time: 30-90 minutes.
Research Instruction
A brief tour of a library, as well as a session on using the catalog and other research resources pertinent to the topic. Intended only for students who will be spending several hours in the University Libraries completing an assignment. Time: 10 minutes (tour) + 30-60 minutes (instruction).

What facilities are available?

Specialized Libraries - The University Library system includes six facilities specializing in Art/Architecture, Humanities/Social Science/Business, Music, Science, and the History of Miami University and Western College.

Special Facilities

  • Center for Information Management, where people can digitize and images, text files, audio and video clips.
  • Juvenile Literature Collection housing materials for K-12 children.
  • Music Library listening room, where students can listen to recordings.
  • Government Documents, Video and Newspaper collections
  • Maps Collection
  • Electronic instruction facilities where our Librarians provide instruction in online strategies for locating books and journal articles and critically analyzing information found in print and on the Internet.

How to make arrangements

  • Contact the Office of the Dean & University Librarian at 513-529-2802.
  • Provide information Contact information, preferred dates of visit, purpose of visit (tour or instruction), size of the group, and length of visit.
  • Confirmation: A librarian will contact you to confirm the date of visit and other specifics.

Information to know before arriving

Parking Permits
Required for parking on campus or on streets adjacent to the campus.
Permits are available from Parking Services 513-529-8535.
A map of parking areas is available online and at the Parking Services Office.
Printing/Copying Vendacards
Vendacards may be purchased at $.50 each. Vendacards are required for printing from computers ($.10/page) and may also be used in photocopiers ($.10/page). Dollar bills required to purchase cards. Color printing is available ($.25/page) as well. Cards may be shared by groups and moneycan be added to cards. Please note: Change is limited-please come prepared if expecting students to print or copy materials.
Food and Beverages
OUT OF DATE!!!! During renovation of King Library, the vending area is offline. If your group will be taking a meal break, please plan to dine outside of the library. Several restaurants are available uptown (10 minutes walking time).