This folder contains images that might not be used on our website itself, but which are called externally by some vendor sites for local branding and customization. When migrating to a new website, please be sure to move these image files and providing routing/forwarding so these images remain available. This will likely be achieved using an .htaccess file.

ILL.gif /images/external/ILL.gif
ILL_alt.gif /images/external/ILL_alt.gif
MUL_rectangle_medium.jpg /images/external/MUL_rectangle_medium.jpg
MULibraries_square120x80.png /images/external/MULibraries_square120x80.png
favicon_0.ico /images/external/favicon_0.ico
new-logo-alternate.png /images/external/new-logo-alternate.png
olink_icon20x18.jpg /images/external/olink_icon20x18.jpg
olinks-54x19.gif /images/external/olinks-54x19.gif