History of Women at Miami University

Transcription of a speech given by Dr. Phillip Shriver on 3/5/96 

The Miami Years: 1809-1984 by Walter Havighurst

A history of Miami University by the late professor Walter Havighurst. Includes time periods and photographs.  

Miami March Song

Old Miami (Alma Mater Song)

Electronic Data Center

The Electronic Data Center provides access to a growing body of statistical data sets. 

Native American Women Playwright Archive

The Native American Women Playwrights Archive is a collection of original materials by Native women playwrights of the Americas. NAWPA hopes to identify playwrights, collect and preserve their work, try to make it widely known, and encourage performances and continued creativity.

25 Years of Women's Intercollegiate Athletics Miami University

During the 1999-2000 academic year the Athletic Department was pleased to recognize the impact of women's intercollegiate athletics at Miami University. 

History of the Penrose Tiling - Bachelor Hall

The tiling was installed in 1979 and is believed to be the first Penrose tiling incorporated in the design of a public building. 

The Recensio

Selected pictures from The Recensio, The Yearbook of Miami University 

Rodolfo Usigli Centennial Celebration

Miami University Libraries continues celebrating of the centennial of the birth of playwright Rodolfo Usigli, considered by some the father of modern theatre in Mexico, with the "Rodolfo Usigli Centennial: An Interdisciplinary Commemoration." Included are an international symposium on modern Mexican theatre, a staged reading of one of Usigli's ground-breaking plays in French, Spanish and English reflecting a new trilingual translation of his only French play, and a library exhibit. 

Selected Buildings of Miami

Photographs and information about 10 Oxford Campus Buildings.