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YouTube Tagging Report

This report shows which of videos from the MUL Instruction YouTube Channel appear on the Instruction Videos Page. The page is set to ohly display videos that have been tagged with the "ShowThis" tag, allowing us to hide older videos or those not ready for display.

Title Timestamp Tags Displayed (ShowThis)
iMovie Tutorial: Saving iMovie Library to the CIM Drive2018-07-258-27-14N
Finding Books and More2018-08-30N
Business Resource Video Series: SRDS2019-03-29N
How to Search: Boolean Operators2019-05-17ShowThis,How to SearchY
How to Search: Phrase Searching2019-05-17ShowThis,How to SearchY
How to Search: Truncation2019-05-17ShowThis,How to SearchY
How to Search: Topic Breakdown2019-05-17ShowThis,How to SearchY
How to Search: Proximity Operators2019-05-17ShowThis,How to SearchY
Business Resource Video Series: MarketLine2019-06-04N
TechTips: Adding a Tutorial to Canvas Using SCORM2019-08-22TechTips,ShowThisY
TechTips: Format an APA Citation from EBSCO2019-08-23ShowThis,TechTips,CitationY
Business Resources Video Series: Mintel2019-08-27N
Finding Scholarly Articles in 4 Easy Steps2019-12-02N
TechTips: Import SCORM Module into Canvas2020-01-21ShowThis,TechTipsY
CINAHL Limiters2020-01-21Databases,ShowThisY
TechTips: Accessing Full Text Articles from Off Campus Locations2020-03-23Fall 2020,TechTipsN
TechTips: Adding Streaming Video Content to Canvas Courses2020-03-25Fall 2020,TechTips,ShowThisY
QuickTips: Finding and Accessing Ebooks2020-03-26Fall 2020,QuickTips,TechTips,ShowThisY
Miami University Libraries: Resource Fair 2020 Presentation2020-04-20Fall 2020,ShowThisY
Literature Search using PsycINFO2020-05-11Fall 2020,Databases,ShowThisY
NexisUNI: International News2020-07-14Fall 2020,Databases,ShowThisY
TechTips: Sign up for New York Times Subscription2020-07-15Fall 2020,TechTips,ShowThisY
Which Database to Use2020-07-28Fall 2020,Basic Library Skills,ShowThisY
Finding Books and More (2020)2020-07-28Fall 2020,ShowThis,Basic Library Skills,SearchingY
Finding Articles (2020)2020-07-28Fall 2020,Basic Library Skills,ShowThis,SearchingY
Intro to Making: Inclusivity in the Maker Movement2020-07-30Makerspace,Fall 2020,ShowThisY
Intro to Making: The Maker Mindset2020-07-30Makerspace,Fall 2020,ShowThisY
Intro to Making: The Maker Movement2020-07-30Makerspace,Fall 2020,ShowThisY
Intro to Making: What is a Makerspace?2020-07-30Makerspace,ShowThis,Fall 2020Y
TechTips: Create an Account for the Wall Street Journal2020-08-05TechTips,Fall 2020,ShowThisY
Business Resource Video Series: Mintel (2020)2020-08-07Business,Databases,ShowThis,Fall 2020Y
Business Source Complete (2020)2020-08-21N
Social Science Resource Video Series: PubMed (Part 2)2020-08-27ShowThis,DatabasesY
Business Resource Video Series: Statista (2020)2020-08-27ShowThisY
Intro to 3D Printing: The Basics2020-09-09N
Intro to 3D Printing: Uses and Benefits2020-09-09ShowThisY
Intro to 3D Printing: Types of 3D Printing2020-09-09ShowThisY
POL 221: Finding Journal Articles2020-09-16N
Business Resource Video Series: Mediamark2020-09-24ShowThisY
Intro to 3D Modeling: Sharing Your File2020-11-04ShowThisY
Intro to 3D Modeling: Sharing Your File2020-11-04ShowThisY
GeoRef and GeoScience World: Basics2020-12-02showthisN
Nexis Uni Part 2: American Jurisprudence2021-06-30ShowThisY
Saving PowerPoint Slides as Image Files2021-07-08ShowThisY
Saving Google Slides as Image Files2021-07-08ShowThisY
Creating Column and Bar Charts in Google Sheets2021-07-08ShowThisY
Creating Column and Bar Charts in MS Excel2021-07-08ShowThisY
Creating Pie or Doughnut Charts in MS Excel2021-07-09ShowThisY
Creating Pie or Doughnut Charts in Google Sheets2021-07-12ShowThisY
Creating Box and Whisker Plots in MS Excel2021-07-12ShowThisY
Creating Hierarchy Diagrams in Google Slides2021-07-12ShowThisY
Creating Hierarchy Diagrams in MS PowerPoint2021-07-12ShowThisY
Creating Line Graphs in MS Excel2021-07-26ShowThisY
Creating Line Graphs in Google Sheets2021-07-27ShowThisY
Creating Flowcharts in MS PowerPoint2021-07-27ShowThisY
Creating Scatter Plots in Google Sheets2021-07-27ShowThisY
Request an Article with Interlibrary Loan2021-08-04N
Creating Flowcharts in Google Slides2021-08-05ShowThisY
Creating Venn Diagrams in MS PowerPoint2021-08-05ShowThisY
Creating Venn Diagrams in Google Slides2021-08-05ShowThisY
Business Resource Video Series: MarketLine2021-08-12N
Since You Asked: I Can't Find J-STOR!2022-02-01N
MyGuide 2.02022-08-26ShowThisY
Website Reference Citation Format in APA2022-09-01ShowThisY
Book and Book Chapters Reference Citations in APA2022-09-01ShowThisY
Journal and Magazine Reference Citations in APA2022-09-01ShowThisY
In-Text Citations in APA Citation Style2022-09-01ShowThisY
Quoting and Paraphrasing in APA Citation Style2022-09-01ShowThisY
Paper Format in APA Citation Style2022-09-01ShowThisY
How to Search: PubMed2022-09-02N
Rural Health Resources2023-03-03N
How to Reserve a Study Room2023-04-03ShowThisY
TechTips: EBSCO has an App?2023-04-27N
Steps to searching for U.S patents - An overview of the USPTO's search strategy2023-07-26ShowThisY
How to find CPC (the Cooperative Patent Classification) codes for U.S. patents2023-07-26ShowThisY
Finding U.S. patents in Patent Public Search - A demo of the USPTO's search interface2023-07-26ShowThisY
Why you shouldn’t limit your search to J-STOR!2023-09-01#research,#libraries,#articles,#collegeN
Title Timestamp Tags Displayed (ShowThis)