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Miami University Libraries - Strategic Plan

Miami University Libraries - Strategic Plan

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From the Dean

Photo of Jerome Conley, Dean of University Libraries
Jerome Conley,
Dean and University Librarian
Uncertainty can feel like a constant weight on our shoulders at times. When change and unrest unsettle so many parts of our lives, we must look to our values and vision to illuminate the path forward, where we work together to create the future we want to see.

The greatest representation of this collaborative idealism at Miami lies in how our Libraries serve the people of this university. The welcoming and safe environment it creates for all through its rich resources, empowering services, and vibrant, inviting spaces is a physical and intellectual sanctuary for so many in the Miami community. Continuing this mission in the face of change, however, requires a plan of action.

Catalyst, the Libraries’ yearly approach to strategic planning, has guided us for the past three turbulent years, allowing us to pivot and evolve as the landscape changes. It supports our team in answering the question: What’s next? Over the past three years, we’ve made real change in the Libraries by bolstering key elements of our organization. This year, we’re engaging the broader community so we can expand our impact to other areas on campus.

The outcomes achieved through Catalyst would not be possible without a dedicated staff. Each year, library staff have eagerly volunteered to serve on strategic plan workgroups, and this year is no different. The passionate involvement of my colleagues continues to inspire me, and I am privileged to work alongside a team so devoted to developing our future.

Our Foundation



We proactively connect our community with the resources and personalized guidance to empower discovery, creation, and success.



We will be the catalyst for growth and discovery for every scholar in our community.




You matter; you belong

We purposefully create a human connection with our entire scholarly community.
  • are approachable and friendly
  • create inviting and accessible environments
  • design inclusive systems
  • show empathy and actively listen


Always wonder; always learn

We passionately and humbly seek knowledge and understanding.
  • question our own assumptions
  • listen to understand
  • empower inquiry and discovery
  • cultivate an atmosphere of wonder


Find connections; forge partnerships

We reach across boundaries because we recognize the power of working together.
  • focus on results and embrace the expertise and assistance of others
  • seek knowledge even if it challenges our biases
  • mediate among disciplines
  • create space for others to share their perspectives


Boldly create; fearlessly innovate

We exceed the needs of the present and rise to the challenges of the future.
  • encourage creative solutions
  • adapt to new realities
  • take smart risks and learn from every failure
  • create new opportunities

Strategic Plan for 2022-2023



Develop talent, resources, and experiences to facilitate an inclusive community.

Pipline of Inclusive Talent

Initiative: Develop and implement a recruitment plan and build marketing tools to attract skilled and diverse talent.

  • Megan Jaskowiak
  • John Millard

Heanon Wilkins Faculty Fellow

Initiative: Launch a residency program for the Libraries in coordination with Miami University’s Heanon Wilkins Faculty Fellows program through the Office of the Provost and the ACRL Diversity Alliance.

  • Elizabeth Kerr

DEI Strategic Plan

Initiative: Write and begin to implement a diversity, equity, and inclusion strategic plan for the Libraries.

  • Ken Irwin
  • Elizabeth Kerr

Transform the Libraries’ environment and user-centered experience to anticipate evolving modes of learning.

Infrastructure Improvements

Initiative: Implement change to continue to make King Library a first-class space that supports student learning and success, attracts the best staff, and fosters collaboration.

  • Mike Smith

Forge meaningful partnerships that foster affordability, ensure relevancy, and cultivate life-long connections.

External Funding

Initiative: Increase external funding by 10% by engaging with partners:

  1. The Office of Research and Innovation and University Advancement to build resources that will increase the capacity for Library staff to pursue and obtain future funding
  2. The Office of ASPIRE to submit a capital request for infrastructure enhancements
  • Kevin Messner

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