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Alumni Advisory Board


The purpose of the Miami University Library Advisory Board is to provide advice, advocate on behalf of and directly support the Dean of University Libraries and the University Library system.

  • Advisory: a confidential sounding board for the Dean and key leadership of the library
  • Advocacy: a way to engage some of our strongest supporters in the life of the libraries and helping to build philanthropic and community support of our programs
  • Philanthropic support: provide annual support, at a level that is significant, to the general library fund or specific libraries funds. The board will also provide leadership for fundraising initiatives – via potential donor identification and support philanthropic conversations.

Current Members

  • Jed Grisez ‘80
  • Judith Goacher Mansfield ‘68
  • Bradley Mascho, ‘02, MA ‘03
  • Terence Moore ‘78
  • Khushwant Sidhu Pittenger MBA ‘82
  • Ronald D. Pittenger MBA ‘82
  • Connie Kendall Sidley ‘72
  • Patrick Sidley ‘72
  • Janet Tallberg ‘73
  • Carolyn Walters ‘74
  • Jerome Conley, ex officio, Dean and University Librarian.